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id name affiliation category mbtienneagramsocioidr tot.
12039Notty Designs ()Youtuber & ArtistMiscellaneous Culture and Society 0
12038emmymade (emmymadeinjapan)Youtuber (cooking)Miscellaneous Culture and SocietyISTJ6wb 2
12037Bowties & Books ()Miscellaneous Culture and Society6w7 sp/so2
12036Carmen KingYoutuberMiscellaneous Culture and SocietyESFP7w6 2
12035DeeSimsYoutuberMiscellaneous Culture and SocietyESFJ7w6 2
12034Isabel PaigeYoutuberMiscellaneous Culture and SocietyINFJ 1
12033Booksandlala (Kayla)BooktuberMiscellaneous Culture and SocietyENTJ8w7 sp/so3
12032Tia CorineRapperMusic and Performing ArtsESFP 1
12031Jacqueline "Jackie" DemaistreLa baie des anges (1963)Film and TelevisionESFP7w8 sx/so4
12030Jean FournierLa baie des anges (1963)Film and TelevisionISFJ1w2 sx/sp4
12029Jarvis CockerPulpMusic and Performing ArtsISFP7w6 sx/spSEIINFP6
12028Dorothy DayWriter and ActivistMiscellaneous Culture and SocietyINFJ1w2 so/sxEIIINFP6
12027Schofield KidUnforgivenFilm and TelevisionESFP7w6 so/sxESFP4
12026Ned LoganUnforgivenFilm and TelevisionISTP6w7 sp/sxISTP4
12025"Little Bill" DaggettUnforgivenFilm and TelevisionESTJ8w7 so/spENTJ4
12024William MunnyUnforgivenFilm and TelevisionISTJ8w9 sp/sxISTJ4
12023DJ GranvilleYouTube Typology CommunityMiscellaneous Culture and SocietyESFP8w7 sp/soSEEESFP6
12022Claire Cummings HannemanBlonde Ice (1948)Film and TelevisionESFJ2w3 so/sp4
12021Flow StateYouTube Typology CommunityMiscellaneous Culture and SocietyESTP8w7 sx/soSLEESTP6
12020Eric Strauss/Host Eric (Talking With Famous People)YouTube Typology CommunityMiscellaneous Culture and SocietyENTP7w8 sx/spILEENTP6
12019Sam BeckerFar Cry 3GamesENTP7w8 sx/soILEESTP6
12018Willis HuntleyFar Cry 3GamesENTP6w5 so/spILEESTJ6
12017Hoyt VolkerFar Cry 3GamesENTJ8w7 sx/soSLEENTJ6
12016Bambi Hughes "Buck"Far Cry 3GamesENTP7w8 sx/spSLEESTP6
12015Dr. Alec EarnhardtFar Cry 3GamesINFP6w5 sx/spEIIINFP6
12014Dennis RogersFar Cry 3GamesEFJ6w7 so/sxEIEENFJ6
12013Citra TalugmaiFar Cry 3GamesESTJ6w7 so/sxEIEENTJ6
12012Liza SnowFar Cry 3GamesISFJ6wb sp/sxEIIISFP6
12011Vaas MontenegroFar Cry 3GamesENTP8w7 sx/soILEENTP6
12010Jason BrodyFar Cry 3GamesESFP6w7 sx/soESEESFP6
12009DreamYouTube/TwitchMiscellaneous Culture and Society so/sx1
12008Imane "Pokimane" AnysTwitchMiscellaneous Culture and SocietyESFJ3w2 so/sxESEESFJ5
12007Sol PaisWithout A CategoryMiscellaneous Culture and SocietyINFJ5w4 sx/spIEIINFP6
12006Huldrych ZwingliReformerGovernment, Politics, and Law 0
12005Petrarch (Francesco Petrarca)Poet and HumanistWriting and LiteratureINFJ4w5 2
12004RadagastThe HobbitMiscellaneous and General 0
12003BomburThe HobbitMiscellaneous and General 0
12002BofurThe HobbitMiscellaneous and GeneralENFP7wb so/sxIEEENFJ6
12001BifurThe HobbitMiscellaneous Culture and Society 0
12000OriThe HobbitMiscellaneous and GeneralISFP6w7 sx/soSEIISFP5
11999DoriThe HobbitMiscellaneous and General 0
11998NoriThe HobbitMiscellaneous and General 0
11997GloinThe HobbitMiscellaneous and GeneralISTJ ISTJ2
11996OinThe HobbitMiscellaneous and GeneralISFJ6w5 ISFJ4
11995DwalinThe HobbitMiscellaneous and GeneralESTJ8w9 so/spLSEESTJ6
11994BalinThe HobbitMiscellaneous and GeneralIFJ1w2 so/spEIIISFJ6
11993KiliThe HobbitMiscellaneous and GeneralESFP7w6 so/sxESEESFP6
11992FiliThe HobbitMiscellaneous and GeneralESFP7w6 sx/soESEESTP6
11991Heinrich FaustFaustLiterature 0
11990MephistophelesFaustLiterature 0
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