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id name affiliation category mbtienneagramsocioidr tot.
11379Claude Lévi-StraussAnthropologist Philosophy, Psychology, and Social Sciences 0
11378JazzGenrePhilosophy, Psychology, and Social SciencesENFP4w5 so/sxSEIENFP11
11377Jacob GellerYoutuberTelevision, Film Industry, and Mass Media5w4 sp/so2
11376Otto I, Holy Roman EmperorGerman King/Holy Roman Emperor Government, Politics, and Law 0
11375Marxism-LeninismPolitical Philosophy Philosophy, Psychology, and Social SciencesENTJ8w9 so/spSLEENTJ5
11374TrotskyismPolitical PhilosophyGovernment, Politics, and Law 0
11373KarenInternet memeMiscellaneous and GeneralESTJ 1
11372AlcibiadesAthenian statesman and generalGovernment, Politics, and Law 0
11371Lord Lullivan ( Sariban)Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kunFilm and TelevisionESFJ2w3 so/sxESEESFJ5
11370Sandie ShawSingerMusic and Performing Arts SEI1
11369Ameri Azazel ( Azazeru Ameri)Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kunFilm and TelevisionNTJ3w4 sp/soINTJ5
11368Pablo NerudaWriting and LiteratureENFP4w5 sx/spENFP6
11367Gabriela MistralWriting and LiteratureINF4wb INFP4
11366Victor JaraMusicianMusic and Performing ArtsIFP4w3 INFP4
11365Violeta ParraMusic and Performing ArtsISFP4w5 ISFP5
11364Nicanor Parra Philosophy, Psychology, and Social SciencesNTP5w4 INTP4
11363George MélièsDirector and IllusionistTelevision, Film Industry, and Mass Media 0
11362Anarcho-MonarchismPolitical Philosophy Government, Politics, and LawENTP3w2 SEEENTP4
11361National BolshevismPolitical Philosophy Government, Politics, and LawENFJcp6w7 ENFJ3
11360Market Socialism Political Philosophy Government, Politics, and LawENTJ6w5 so/spENTJ5
11359Alice "Azz" AsmodeusWelcome to Demon School! Iruma-kunFilm and TelevisionETJ3w4 so/sxISTJ5
11358Clara Valac ()Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kunFilm and TelevisionENFP7w6 sx/soIEEENFP6
11357Iruma SuzukiWelcome to Demon School! Iruma-kunFilm and TelevisionINF9w1 sp/soSEIINFJ6
11356Business MajorSchoolMiscellaneous Culture and SocietyESTJ3w2 so/spLSE8
11355Robert BrowningPoetWriting and LiteratureINTJ5w6 sp/so4
11354Lady Jane "Speranza" WildePoetWriting and Literature 0
11353Chef HatchetTotal DramaCartoon and AnimationISTP8w9 sp/sxISTJ5
11352History MajorSchoolPhilosophy, Psychology, and Social SciencesISTJ6w5 sp/soISTJ5
11351Anthony BourdainChefGeneral ArtistsENTP7w6 4
11350LeenaWarehouse 13Film and TelevisionENFP2w3 sx/sp4
11349Artie NeilsenWarehouse 13Film and TelevisionINTP5w6 sp/so4
11348Pete LattimerWarehouse 13Film and TelevisionENTP7w6 so/sx4
11347Myka BeringWarehouse 13Film and TelevisionISTP6wb sp/so4
11346Joanne KellyWarehouse 13Film and Television 0
11345Sumire YoshizawaPersona 5GamesISFJ6w7 so/spSEIISFJ10
11344Takuto MarukiPersona 5GamesINFJ1w2 so/sxEIIINFJ11
11343Theodore "T.C." CalvinMagnum P.I.Film and Television 0
11342Jonathan Quayle Higgins IIIMagnum P.I.Film and TelevisionSTJ6w5 ISTJ4
11341Thomas MagnumMagnum P.I.Film and TelevisionESTP7w8 so/sxISTP7
11340William "Bill" KilgoreApocalypse NowFilm and TelevisionESTP7w8 sx/soSLEESTP6
11339Benjamin L. WillardApocalypse NowFilm and TelevisionITPcp6w5 sp/sxILIISTP6
11338Walter E. KurtzApocalypse NowFilm and TelevisionINTJ8w9 sp/sxSLEINTJ8
11337LeshawnaTotal DramaCartoon and AnimationESFP8w7 sp/soSLEESTP6
11336GeoffTotal DramaCartoon and AnimationESFP7w6 so/sxSEEESFP6
11335Devon Joseph "DJ"Total DramaCartoon and AnimationISFJ9w1 sp/sxESIISFJ6
11334LindsayTotal DramaCartoon and AnimationESFP2w3 so/sxESEESFJ6
11333BridgetteTotal DramaCartoon and AnimationISFP9w1 sx/soSEIISFP6
11332TrentTotal DramaCartoon and AnimationISFP9w1 so/sxSEIISFP6
11331HaroldTotal DramaCartoon and AnimationENTP5w6 sx/soILE6
11330SadieTotal DramaCartoon and AnimationESFJ2w3 sx/soESEESFJ6
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