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the sakinorva databank
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id name affiliation category mbtienneagramsocioidr tot.
9456Evelyn HarperTwo and a Half MenFilm and Television 0
9455Dolly PartonCountry Singer and MusicianMusic and Performing ArtsENFJ3w4 so/sp3
9454Cab CallowayBandleader and SingerMusic and Performing ArtsESFP8w9 so/sx4
9453MouseThe MatrixFilm and Television7wb ILEENTP5
9452Road RunnerLooney TunesCartoon and AnimationINTJ9w8 sp/sx6
9451The Offspring - Self EsteemsongsMusic and Performing ArtsINFP6w7 sp/sxSEIISFP10
9450Eartha KittSinger and ActressMusic and Performing ArtsESFP3w4 sx/so4
9449Jessye NormanOpera singerMusic and Performing ArtsENFJ2w3 so/sx5
9448Run DMCBandsMusic and Performing ArtsENFP7w6 so/sx4
9447Anne FrankLiterature 0
9446Otis ReddingR&B singerMusic and Performing ArtsISFP 1
9445Ashley WilkesGone with the WindLiterature IEIINFP2
9444Melanie HamiltonGone with the WindLiterature EIIISFJ2
9443Rhett ButlerGone with the WindLiterature7w8 LIEENTP3
9442Scarlett O'HaraGone with the WindLiteratureESTP3wb SEEESTP6
9441Sanguine-CholericTemperamentsPhilosophy, Psychology, and Social SciencesENTP3w4 3
9440Sanguine-PhlegmaticTemperamentsPhilosophy, Psychology, and Social SciencesENFP7w6 3
9439Sanguine-MelancholyTemperamentsPhilosophy, Psychology, and Social SciencesESFJ2w1 3
9438Josh HawleyU.S. Senator from Missouri (R)Government, Politics, and LawENTJ3w2 LSI3
9437Phlegmatic-MelancholicTemperamentsPhilosophy, Psychology, and Social SciencesISFJ1w2 EII7
9436Phlegmatic-CholericTemperamentsPhilosophy, Psychology, and Social SciencesITP5w6 sx/spSLI8
9435Phlegmatic-SanguineTemperamentsPhilosophy, Psychology, and Social SciencesISFP4w3 sp/soSEI8
9434Tuning Fork TherapyWellness MethodScience, Technology, and Engineering1w2 1
9433OrthorexiaEating DisorderPhilosophy, Psychology, and Social SciencesINFJ 1
9432The MagicianArchetypesPhilosophy, Psychology, and Social SciencesENP sx/spILEENTP5
9431Arthur Fleck (Joker)Joker Film and TelevisionINFP4w3 sx/soIEIINFP19
9430Otto WeiningerPhilosophyPhilosophy, Psychology, and Social SciencesINTP5w4 4
9429TwitchWebsitesMiscellaneous and GeneralESP7w8 sp/soSEEESTP4
9428Akio Ohtori (Akio Ohtori)Revolutionary Girl UtenaCartoon and AnimationENFJ8w9 2
9427Anthy Himemiya (Anthy Himemiya)Revolutionary Girl UtenaCartoon and AnimationINFJ9w1 2
9426Utena Tenjou (Utena Tenjou)Revolutionary Girl UtenaCartoon and AnimationESFP7w8 3
9425Charles DickensNovelistWriting and LiteratureENFJ9w1 IEE3
9424Mohammed bin Salman (MBS)Saudi Arabia PoliticsGovernment, Politics, and LawEST8w7 so/sxESTP9
9423DemocracyPolitical PhilosophyGovernment, Politics, and LawENP6w7 so/spESEENTP7
9422TruthFullmetal AlchemistCartoon and Animation 0
9421BoyinabandYouTubeTelevision, Film Industry, and Mass Media4w3 sp/sx2
9420Paul GauginArtistVisual Arts and FashionINFP4w5 sx/spEIE7
9419Wilhelm IIKaiser of the German EmpireGovernment, Politics, and LawENTPcp6w5 EIE3
9418Van HalenBandsMusic and Performing ArtsESFP7w6 sp/soSEEESTP14
9417Zeno of EleaPhilosopher Philosophy, Psychology, and Social SciencesINTP ILE3
9416Friedrich Heinrich JacobiPhilosopher Writing and LiteratureISFJ6w5 2
9415Greta ThunbergEnvironmental activist Miscellaneous Culture and SocietyISFJ1w9 so/spESIISTJ28
9414XanthippeWife of SocratesMiscellaneous Culture and SocietyESTJ LSE2
9413OlympiasMother of Alexander the GreatGovernment, Politics, and Law 0
9412Darius IIIPersian KingGovernment, Politics, and Law 0
9411CGP GreyYoutubeTelevision, Film Industry, and Mass MediaINTJ5w6 sp/sxLIIINTJ9
9410Sam O'NellaYoutubeTelevision, Film Industry, and Mass MediaINTP5w4 sp/sxILEINTP6
9409Greta GarboActressTelevision, Film Industry, and Mass Media SLIISTP2
9408Cliff BoothOnce Upon A Time in HollywoodFilm and TelevisionESTP7w6 sp/sxSLEISTP5
9407Sid JenkinsSkinsFilm and Television9w8 SEI3
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