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 I think this is kind of an ontological difference, what is Python?
The language itself offers Fe, which is interpreted in a Te way, both are traits of the language! it also greatly depends on what is considered Te! something fast? C, something with a fast developement time? Python, etc.
I am typing the language itself compared to other languages, you are typing the language as in how it is applied (also compared to other languages, but with different criteria), deep down Python considering all just shows the limits of the functions and how something can be both Fe and Te, but this is limited by the system, I think it is good for you to keep the ENTJ vote, if the website had the option for it I would vote ENxJ, but that does not happen, I just explained my vote because of how it might not be so easy to see that Python is Fe and could be seen as very weird.
Also, about the letter vote of mine, remember that something can be F and still be efficient! it is much closer to agreeableness than what people actually correlate to thinking.
About the Python community, it is quite vast, unlike a community like C's which is very T, Python is vast, from ExTJ LxE trying to be effective to even INFP IEI/EII (when they are into programming) trying to have a good time, it is pretty vast and I think this should be considered (otherwise everybody just votes what is more obvious and long term one of the traits of the language ends up being ignored, tho I don't really think many people in this website are into programming, but there are a few).


 If you stop and think about it, Python is quite a Fe and F language, it is very user friendly and easy to use early on, comfortable, good for beginners, as much as it is mostly used because of the short development time (which is caused by how easy and friendly the language is) which is very Te, the language itself is quite Fe, C is not very user friendly and such, a very T language per se, want to learn it? your problem, while Python has many libraries and easy to use things that make your life easier, C is way more efficient internally and requires more competence and experience for you to be effective with it since it is closer to machine language, while Python is pretty far from that, this kind of comfot and such makes me think socionics Si works quite well over Ni, since long term it is a language which you do not really improve yourself as a programmer, it does not really teach you much (it can be used to teach things, but it is not a trait of the language itself, just correlated to it), and generally speaking long-term I think Python projects are not as effective as something well made in a longer development time language, but the language itself did achieve it's goal which makes me think it is quite Ni in functions as well, typing something like a language is quite arbitrary at the end, but ENFJ LSE generally considers all the traits the language has that can be converted into a personality, also 3w2 over 3w4 for pretty much the same reason, what is 4 about python? the CEO that tells people to work with Python might be 3w4, but is the language and the general idea behind it like that? not really.


 I was sure that you will be the first to come out with the stupid moralistic propaganda . you answered to the mask question with a theoritical supposition about how controlling population . But in fact there is a correlation between mask and autoritharian value (japan, Islamic countries and today occidental world) . your argument about ski mask and bandana does not have nothing to do with the conversation. i talk about general society of mask wearing not exceptions. child would be traumatized because of a privation of a whole pack of emotion understanding due to the mask. the confinement already make children far more afraid by streanger because they did not even seen other people than their family for month. it is catastrophic the psychological consequences of confinement are already catatstrophic . there is a dangerous augmentation of depression because of the confinment . and a dangerous rise of conjugal violence . Any philosopher (like me , i have been gradued last year) know that the real deal is not death but suffering . Epicure told us that. André Compte Sponville (french philosopher) denounced the medical dictatorship because he know that . We are creating a global suffering for the majority of the population (fear created by the media, destruction of the social interraction all for fighting a disease that i remind you don't kill more than 1%. . does not mention the christ i don't care about religion . the most wealthy are the one who decided this confinement because it's far more easy to be confined in a big bourgeoise house rather than being in a building with five kids. most wealthy (often the oldest like in france btw) are the one who want this confinement


 An essay about the confinement

Madness and fear rules our occidental country since the pandemia of covid 19 started. Occident that was the land of freedom turn into a technocratic dictatorship by a bunch of incompetent politician and doctors who absolutely don’t know what the social body is . People need different world like said Heiddeger . Confining people to one world is a catastrophe for they social and psychological development . The youth’s insertion into the economy and mental health is destroyed for an hypotetical 0 risk than can’t exist. We are destroying the future with an applause of the intelligentsia who became authoritarian religious speaker with a message of protection for the weak (old and obese) while other weak were abandoned (I talk about the depressive, the small shopkeeper, the old that need sports to help their body and of course the child who are forced to see people with mask, the teenage and young people not fully developed yet). The fear was split by the social media like they always does. They create a population of frighten sheep unable to rebel against the technocratic-religious dictatorship that rised from covid-19. Mask are always sign of religious dictatorship (that dictatorship can be linked Islam or science turned into a religion). Remember it. Our most fundamental freedom are denied . Remember it. Our right of circulation in our own country, the freedom to smile to a beautiful girl that we see crossing the street, the freedom of hanging out with friends for fighting our inner problems (inner problem that grows thanks to the isolation), the right of meeting people. Covid 19 is not black plague . Remember it. The death rate of this virus is below 1%
I invite you to rebel against those government that destroyed the identity of the occidental world (freedom)


 Fi PolR doesn't really fit at the end of the day but it also does, there is too much of a character change from the start to the end, he does fit Ne and Ti but like... he is quite Fe, typology in general sucks and such but Fe Ni makes more sense than Ne Ti, he is unable to actually explain things in outer logical ways and his social interaction is mostly him LARPing which is much more Fe than Ne, he also is quite Fi as in the relations aspect, not moral one, reading EIE composite and ILE composite from wikisocion, I am really unsure, I think this is just a case of how typology sucks, the ILE archetype fits better but specific functions for EIE probably fit better, I am really unsure about which to pick, ironic how socionics sucks so much for this character but the functions he fits extremely well for ENTP.

Enneagram is also kinda tricky, 4, 5, 7, I really don't think 5 he is not detached not logical does not actually think about things he takes things far too emotionally and all, I could see 6 as a strong candidate to an extent, 7 is not bad at the end of the day as well, did he do this all for fun and such? probably? but then, the LARPing and mad scientist thing makes me clearly think 4, the general deal with relations and people kinda makes me think 6 in a quite interesting way, tritype 8 is obvious, super weird really, I really don't think a 5 wing fits, a 3 one also does not, balanced is the way to go I guess.

Also I did not watch Steins;Gate 0 or anything, so I might be missing out on information, I am unsure if I even will.

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