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id name affiliation category mbti enneagram socio idr tot.
7447Free SoloFilmsFilm and TelevisionISTJ3w4 sx/spLSEISTJ6
7446A Night at the GardenFilmsFilm and TelevisionESTJ1w2 so/sxLSIESTJ6
7445FauveFilmsFilm and TelevisionESTP3w4 sx/spSLEESTP6
7444One Small StepFilmsCartoon and AnimationENTJ3w4 sp/soLIEENTJ6
7443Late AfternoonFilmsCartoon and AnimationINFP9w1 sp/sxIEIINFP6
7442WeekendsFilmsCartoon and AnimationINFP9w8 sp/sxIEIINFP6
7441BaoFilmsCartoon and AnimationISFJ2w1 sx/spEIEISFJ6
7440Animal BehaviourFilmsCartoon and AnimationENFP6w7 so/sxIEEENFP6
7439seen messagestype thatMost LikeliesISTP 1
7438Time ShareFilmsFilm and TelevisionESFJ2w1 so/sxESIESFJ6
7437Joe StrummerThe ClashMusic and Performing ArtsFPcp6w7 sx/spLSI10
7436Erwin SchrödingerTheoretical PhysicistScience, Technology, and EngineeringNTP5w4 5
7435Diary of a Sex AddictFilmsFilm and TelevisionESTP7w8 sx/soSEEESTP6
7434Town & CountryFilmsFilm and TelevisionESFJ2w1 so/sxESEESFJ6
7433Robert JohnsonBlues musicianMusic and Performing ArtsISFP9w1 sp/sx7
7432Bella MafiaFilmsFilm and TelevisionESTJ8w9 sp/soSEEESTJ6
7431Werner HeisenbergTheoretical PhysicistScience, Technology, and EngineeringINTP5w4 sp/sxINTP6
7430Cool nerdguess the typeMost LikeliesENTP3w4 so/sx5
7429dumb and foolish even when they overthink a lotguess the typeMost LikeliesESFP6w7 3
7428Smart and wise without overthinkingguess the typeMost LikeliesINTJ1w9 3
7427An American RhapsodyFilmsFilm and TelevisionISFP4w3 sx/spIEIISFP6
7426Frank FrazettaFantasy artistVisual Arts and FashionENFP8w7 2
7425MothmanCryptidMiscellaneous Culture and SocietyINTJcp5w6 sx/sp3
7424Donna TarttWriterWriting and Literature 0
7423W. E. B. Du BoisBlack Civil Rights activistGovernment, Politics, and LawINFJ4w5 sx/so4
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recent mbti votes
Broly Ryugan ISFP
Joe Strummer twinpinks ENTP
YouTube Flower-like
YouTube Teru Mikami
Robert Johnson Flower-like ISFP
Erwin Schrödinger Flower-like ENTP
Most humble thinker type tch INTP
Cool nerd tch ENTP
Michael Gira tch INTP
Scientist tch INT
McDonald's tch ESTP
Erwin Schrödinger tch xNTP
Neoconservatism tch ESTJ
Joe Strummer ResoluteSoul ISFP
Erwin Schrödinger LadyX INTP
Greed Lol ESTP
Joe Strummer Jacobus ISFP
Werner Heisenberg tch INTP
Edgard Varese Jacobus INTP
Quickest type to notice when others are lying Teru Mikami ENTJ
David LadyX ENTJ
Moses LadyX ESTJ
Werner Heisenberg LadyX INTP
Robert Johnson LadyX INFP
Rowan Atkinson LadyX INTP
recently postulated idr type votes
Jesus Christ / Yeshua tch INFJ
Broly Ryugan ISFP
Broly Ryugan ISTP
George Carlin tman ENTP
Doctor tch ISFJ
Jeff Bezos tch INTJ
Werner Heisenberg tch INTP
Yoda Lol INTP
Anton Ego tch ISTJ
Marina Diamandis kawaii ENFP
Quickest type to notice when others are lying Teru Mikami ENTP
LFVE (Plato) tman ISTJ
YouTube tman ENTP
Libertarianism tman INTP
Neoconservatism tman ESTP
Antinatalism tman INTP
Ryoji Kaji (?? ????) phsc ESTP
Veganism phsc INFP
Neoconservatism phsc ESTJ
Libertarianism phsc ENTP
Hayao Miyazaki tch INFP
Quickest type to notice when others are lying Ryugan INFJ
Messiah complex tch INFJ
The Republican Party Taco110 ESTJ
The Democratic Party Taco110 ESFJ
recent tritype® votes
Susan Sontag LVNA 458
Paul Joseph Watson kawaii 163
Joe Strummer ResoluteSoul 469
Joe Strummer Jacobus 614
Werner Heisenberg LadyX 514
Robert Johnson LadyX 954
Rowan Atkinson LadyX 584
YouTube tman 739
Antinatalism tman 154
Neoconservatism phsc 631
recent enneagram votes
Broly Ryugan 9w8
Broly Ryugan 9w8
Antinatalism tman 1w9
YouTube tman 7w6
George Carlin tman 7w6
Erwin Schrödinger Flower-like 5w4
Joe Strummer ResoluteSoul 6w7
Erwin Schrödinger LadyX 5w4
Izumi Curtis Lol 8w9
Greed Lol 7w8
Joe Strummer Jacobus 6w7
Joe Strummer Jacobus 6w7
Edgard Varese Jacobus 4w5
Moses LadyX 8w9
David LadyX 3w2
Werner Heisenberg LadyX 5w4
Werner Heisenberg LadyX 5w4
Robert Johnson LadyX 9w1
Rowan Atkinson LadyX 5w6
Robert Johnson Jacobus 4w5
YouTube tman 7w6
Libertarianism tman 5w6
Libertarianism tman 5w6
Neoconservatism tman 6w7
Antinatalism tman 1w9
recent instinctual variant votes
Broly Ryugan sx/sp
Essentialism tman sp/so
Joe Strummer Jacobus sx/sp
Werner Heisenberg LadyX sp/sx
Robert Johnson LadyX sp/sx
Rowan Atkinson LadyX sp/so
YouTube tman so/sx
Antinatalism tman sp/so
Veganism phsc so/sx
Neoconservatism phsc sp/so
recent socionics votes
ENTP Teru Mikami LIE
Aristotle tman LIE
Susan Sontag LVNA IEE
Gilgamesh ruboline SLE
Jesus Christ / Yeshua ruboline EIE
GradeAUnderA (Ram Karavadra) ruboline ILE
Yoda Lol LII
Joe Strummer Jacobus LSI
Neoconservatism phsc LSI