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id name affiliation category mbtienneagramsocioidr tot.
1280BobbinOne PieceComics 0
2048Alfred GrillpalzerGinga Eiyuu DensetsuCartoon and Animation 0
3840Mance RayderA Song of Ice and Fire, Game of ThronesMiscellaneous and General 0
6912Red FormanThat 70's ShowFilm and Television 0
7680Captain GregorStar WarsCartoon and Animation7w8 1
8448Sameen ShawPerson of InterestFilm and Television 0
11776Hannah GroseThe Haunting of Bly ManorFilm and Television1w2 ESIISFJ4
1281Bobby FunkOne PieceComics 0
1537Yoo JeongyeonTwiceMusic and Performing Arts 0
2049Wilhelm von Littenheim III Ginga Eiyuu DensetsuCartoon and Animation 0
8193KamidereDere TypesCartoon and Animation 0
8449John ReesePerson of InterestFilm and Television 0
10241Udonis HaslembasketballSports and Competitive Play 0
11777Owen SharmaThe Haunting of Bly ManorFilm and Television9w1 LIIINTP3
1282BogardOne PieceComics 0
1794J. GeilJoJo's Bizarre AdventureComics 0
4354Big KritRapperMusic and Performing Arts 0
8962Don JuanDon Juan, Don GiovanniLiterature 0
10242Shane BattierbasketballSports and Competitive Play 0
11778Flora WingraveThe Haunting of Bly ManorFilm and Television4w5 IEIINFP3
1283BombaOne PieceComics 0
1795NenaJoJo's Bizarre AdventureComics 0
2563Jack ShephardLostMiscellaneous and General 0
10243James JonesbasketballSports and Competitive Play 0
11011Dakota JohnsonFilm and Television4w3 sx/sp2
11779Miles WingraveThe Haunting of Bly ManorFilm and Television ILIINTJ2
12291Hate / (Haters) / to HateEnglish languageMiscellaneous Culture and Society 0
12547AlyoshaDreams of My Russian SummersLiterature9w1 sx/spISFJ4
1284BooOne PieceComics 0
1796ZZJoJo's Bizarre AdventureComics 0
3844King ArthurKaamelottMiscellaneous and General 0
6404Ra's al GhulDC ComicsComics1w9 INFJ3
6916Shelagh DelaneyPlaywrightWriting and Literature 0
11780Viola Willoughby-LloydThe Haunting of Bly ManorFilm and Television8w9 SEE3
12292Limit SettingParenting PsychologyMiscellaneous Culture and Society 0
1285BoodleOne PieceComics 0
3589Jean-Luc MélenchonGovernment, Politics, and Law 0
7173ShunaThat Time I Got Reincarnated as a SlimeCartoon and Animation 0
11781Jo StocktonFunny FaceFilm and Television5w4 LIIINFJ4
12293Design MajorSchoolVisual Arts and Fashion 0
12549Thomas KuhnPhilosopherPhilosophy, Psychology, and Social Sciences3w4 sp/so3
1542Myoui MinaTwiceMusic and Performing Arts9w1 1
1798Arabia FatsJoJo's Bizarre AdventureComics 0
6662Drake ParkerDrake & JoshFilm and Television 0
7174BenimaruThat Time I Got Reincarnated as a SlimeCartoon and Animation 0
10246Boris DiawBasketballSports and Competitive Play 0
11526Albert FinneyActorTelevision, Film Industry, and Mass Media 0
12294Monosodium GlutamateDrugs Chemistry Elements ScienceScience, Technology, and Engineering 0
263CatwomanDC ComicsComics7w6 sp/sxSEEESTP9
1287Bourbon Jr.One PieceComics 0
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