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id name affiliation category mbtienneagramsocioidr tot.
1280BobbinOne PieceComics 0
1792DevoJoJo's Bizarre AdventureComicsESTP 2
2048Alfred GrillpalzerGinga Eiyuu DensetsuCartoon and Animation 0
3072Billy LoomisScreamFilm and TelevisionISFP6w5 sx/spISFP4
3584KratosGod of WarMiscellaneous and GeneralESTJ8w9 ESTJ4
3840Mance RayderA Song of Ice and Fire, Game of ThronesMiscellaneous and General 0
5120BennyFalloutGamesENTP 1
5376Richter BelmontCastlevaniaGamesENP 2
5632Romeo ConboltFairy TailCartoon and AnimationESFP3w2 ESFP3
5888Sid ViciousSex PistolsMusic and Performing ArtsETP7w8 sp/sx5
6912Red FormanThat 70's ShowFilm and Television 0
7424Donna TarttWriterWriting and LiteratureINFJ4w5 so/sp3
7680Captain GregorStar WarsCartoon and Animation7w8 1
8448Sameen ShawPerson of InterestFilm and Television 0
9216Rosalee CalvertGrimmTelevision, Film Industry, and Mass MediaINFP9w1 sp/sx4
10240Dwyane WadebasketballSports and Competitive PlayISFP 1
10496Franciscan OrderReligion Miscellaneous Culture and SocietyINFP9w1 so/sx3
10752荒巻 太一(太巻) (Aramaki Taichi (Futomaki))あまちゃん (2013)Film and TelevisionENTJ3w4 sp/so3
11008Le Chiffre007: Casino RoyaleFilm and TelevisionENTJ8w7 sp/so4
12032Tia CorineRapperMusic and Performing ArtsESFP 1
12288Resultant LogicPsychology Logic PhilosophyPhilosophy, Psychology, and Social SciencesINTJ INTJ2
1281Bobby FunkOne PieceComics 0
1537Yoo JeongyeonTwiceMusic and Performing Arts 0
1793Rubber SoulJoJo's Bizarre AdventureComicsESTP 1
2049Wilhelm von Littenheim III Ginga Eiyuu DensetsuCartoon and Animation 0
3073Suki WaterhouseactressTelevision, Film Industry, and Mass MediaESFJ3w4 2
3585Seiko Kimura (Kimura Seiko)DanganronpaMiscellaneous and GeneralISFP6w5 ISFP4
3841MaleficentMaleficentMiscellaneous and GeneralESTP8w9 sx/soINTJ7
4353Cyhi The PrynceRapperMusic and Performing ArtsENFP6w7 so/sxENFP0
5633EvergreenFairy TailCartoon and AnimationESTP3w4 sx/soESTP5
5889Juzo SakakuraDanganronpaCartoon and AnimationESTP8w7 ESTJ4
7169Milim NavaThat Time I Got Reincarnated as a SlimeCartoon and AnimationESFP 1
7425MothmanCryptidMiscellaneous Culture and SocietyINTJcp5w6 sx/sp3
8193KamidereDere TypesCartoon and Animation 0
8449John ReesePerson of InterestFilm and Television 0
8961Cesare BorgiaGovernment, Politics, and LawESTJ8w9 sx/so4
9217Adalind SchadeGrimmTelevision, Film Industry, and Mass MediaENFJ2w3 sp/so4
9985June Carter CashMusicianMusic and Performing ArtsISFP2w3 sx/sp4
10241Udonis HaslembasketballSports and Competitive Play 0
10497Jesuit OrderReligionMiscellaneous Culture and SocietyINTJ6w5 sx/soENTJ9
11521Michio KakuPhysicistScience, Technology, and EngineeringENTJ3w2 so/sxENFP13
12033Booksandlala (Kayla)BooktuberMiscellaneous Culture and SocietyENTJ8w7 sp/so3
12289Analytical [name of subject]SchoolMiscellaneous Culture and SocietyENFP ENFP2
1282BogardOne PieceComics 0
1538Park JihyoTwiceMusic and Performing ArtsESTJ6w7 so/spESTJ7
1794J. GeilJoJo's Bizarre AdventureComics 0
3074Olivia PalermoAmerican businesswoman and entrepreneurTelevision, Film Industry, and Mass MediaENTJ3w2 so/sp3
3586J.D. (John Dorian)ScrubsFilm and TelevisionENFP 1
4354Big KritRapperMusic and Performing Arts 0
4866Busby BerkeleyChoreographer, DirectorMusic and Performing ArtsENFJ3w4 sx/so3
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