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Elon Musk


in Science, Technology, and Engineering

Elon Musk ~ Sakinorva Databank

Elon Musk


5w6 9
3w2 8
1w9 1
7w6 1
so/sp 12
so/sx 1
ILE 11
234 567 891

total votes 84









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2020/08/25 (Tue) 00:21:17


"not a five"
Also, "not a judger"

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2020/08/24 (Mon) 15:22:53


I could see ILE because of his singular goal that he tries to piece up by using his other projects. I don't see him as mobilizing Fe, or focusing on this element in a way that shows he values it, as opposed to showing explicit valuation of Fi[relations], as he talks about relational distance and needing love to be happy or productive[Fi/Te]. He also imo seems to be more Ni focused as he prognosticates on the inevitable fate of humanity[Ni :Temporal intuition]and him trying to prevent this through technological and practical advancements[Te], while also showing a tireless work ethic in which he seems to prioritize expansion and dominance over homeostasis and comfort, and at one point even overtly saying he finds it impossible to relax(which could be low Si in general, but seems more polr Si as opposed to suggestive). Again, he could be ILE because in contrary to Te users, Ti wants their goals to happen no matter what, even if they die. I remember him saying that he doesn't care if it happens centuries later, or after he dies, as long as it happens.

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2019/05/12 (Sun) 18:58:51


Lord have mercy

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Beta ST

2018/09/10 (Mon) 02:55:40


i accept your arguments. i did not heard of this stories before . but black logic is not as "overly serious" than you think on my opinion , black logic also like to see and understand the moving mechanism of an object for the fun. but your argument for white logic are good. but his lack of ideological position make it still a little hard to believe for me.

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5w4 593 Sx/Sp

2018/09/09 (Sun) 19:06:36


If I was asked if Elon's image appeared as an entrepreneur or an inventor, of course, I would say entrepreneur.  However, his actions and business practice follows the path of an inventor.
"My career has been focused on finding practical, effective solutions to real-world problems." can indicate black logic, but Elon's black intuition and white logic approach to this is to "Go towards issues no one else can fix, and fix them with ideas no one else can come up with"  While it generates profit, it is not black logic.

Elon's way of determining focus doesn't work the same way as most black logic CEOs. He rarely looks at the big picture and only glances at it as needed to keep his operations afloat rather than continuously using this long range sight to make practical decisions. He does in fact use a considerable amount of tunnel vision, in the sense that as SpaceX is on the back burner, it is on total autopilot at the moment, with 90% of his gaze going into Tesla, and the last 10% directing his engineers and making contacts for the boring company's hole digging operation that he will shift his gaze towards after tesla is no longer making headlines and the car production is satisfying the investors.  One clear important thing to make notice of, is that he recently took direct control of Telsa as chief architect, thinking that no one else is better for getting the entire process back on track, instead of enlisting help for various sectors, he fired some of his senior staff and took it all upon himself, like a white logic user tackling the issue with his ego, rather than a black logic user taking a step back and operating calmly, making practical use of all resources including staff and money to efficiently deal with the problem that happened in his absence.  This issue snuck up on him because he unintentionally lost control of his company.  A black logic businessman would have protected his voting share as much as possible, while Elon spent this resource, and regretfully has to deal with the aftermath of possibly being replaced (The only thing he actually cares about, rather than the profit).  You can see his black intuition and white logic trying to work out a solution of him losing his company with his recent tweet saying he would take it private.

Another example of lack of black logic is his two products from the boring company.  A hat and a flamethrower.  They were not selected because they would make a profit.  The flamethrowers are currently reselling for 180% of the retail, Elon could make more money here, but that is not his goal.  When Elon wants to think of his next "business" endeavor, he is asking himself "Do I want to do it?" rather than "Will I make money here?" and his follow up is "Can I?"  though this is much weaker than white intuition users, as he doesn't have a direct path to his dreams, he simply guides each step in the direction he wants to go, if that path is blocked, he will make a new one, rather than preplanning his path.  While his dreams can appear as "great visions", they are simply whims and are treated as such.  I fully believe he only made the flamethrower only to test if he can actually sell flamethrowers to the public.  Black logic is not that irresponsible. 

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Beta ST

2018/09/09 (Sun) 16:02:22


people tend to type genius entrepreneur as LIE and genius inventor as ILE. Elon Musk is undoubtly both. this fight was inevitable . we can also see the same on the russian votes .

i will add some quotes of him for finding if he is more a white logic user or a black logic user .

"I'm personally a moderate and a registered independent, so I'm not strongly Democratic or strongly Republican."

“I’m somewhere in the middle, socially liberal and fiscally conservative.”

if we consider his intention to be pure we can see a moderate and a skeptical person .according to talanov's article about the difference between those functions this is far more indicative of black logic rather than white logic( who is based on a strict belief system)  "White logic, unlike Black, often demonstrates elements of dogmatism and fanaticism in their views and behavior.",15700022,15700124,15700149,15700186,15700191,15700201&usg=ALkJrhgb9J-etUmYD_Y29spkBfBxv8H2Wg

if we consider his intention as impure( he is a former migrant and a rich person. his opinions are "surprisingly" conveniant with his journey ) black logic also correlated with personnal interest fit in this case too .

"  Musk: "My career has been focused on finding practical, effective solutions to real-world problems." it seem to indicate black logic as well.

his determination and constant desire of expantionsim could be an indicator of a valuing of black sensing (LIE>ILE)

in comparison the INTJ  telsa  revolutionnary and tunnel visionned (Black intuition+White logic indicators)==>ILE is very different from elon Musk's black logic.

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IEI - Fe

2018/09/09 (Sun) 15:07:09


God this group needs more FJs.

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5w4 593 Sx/Sp

2018/09/09 (Sun) 13:45:57


I imagine some people here are using more than stereotypes Lvna, opinions are best followed by their reasoning.

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Teru Mikami

2018/09/09 (Sun) 13:24:23


Quadras are a shit way of typing, I can see LIE but by descriptions he's not a gamma 

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2018/09/09 (Sun) 13:19:01


If you go by the superficial “gamma is extroverted T+S” then sure. But Jack London certainly doesn’t describe the inverse of what you mentioned nor do other supposed LIEs like Annie Lennox etc. If you’re implying the inverse of what you just said you might as well just not put an intuitive in gamma. 

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Teru Mikami

2018/09/09 (Sun) 12:48:55


Wouldn't really type the guy who advocates "gamifying education" and "making learning as close as possible to a video game", started a school based on that idea and tries to make his projects as entertaining as possible to get rid of how boring school and science are portrayed a gamma but that's just me

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2018/09/09 (Sun) 12:20:29


There are a few ways he fits the “ILE explorer” stereotype that’s been around in socionics for a while, but overall based on their functions, quadra and models LIE is a more viable typing option.  

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Teru Mikami

2018/09/09 (Sun) 11:47:59


Socionics descriptions are all over the place but enneagram isn't, 1s are strict, strongly morally driven and want to be seen as right and perfect, ILEs avoid (any expression of) morals and don't really know how anyone views them, they're oriented towards novelty and often have trouble with discipline and responsibility, regardless of stereotypes taking function positions and most descriptions into account ILE 1 is an oxymoron

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2018/09/09 (Sun) 09:28:02


TERU ,MBTI and socionics are NOT same system. cognitive function don't have the same definition than socionics function, and the superficial letter MBTI system can't be identic with a system as complete as socionics.



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Teru Mikami

2018/09/09 (Sun) 08:09:36


ennea 1 ILE, makes perfect sense

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5w4 593 Sx/Sp

2018/09/07 (Fri) 19:17:15


 “It is better to make many decisions per unit time with a slightly higher error rate, than few with a slightly lower error rate, because obviously one of your future right decisions can be to reverse an earlier wrong one, provided the earlier one was not catastrophic, which they rarely are.”

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5w4 593 Sx/Sp

2018/09/07 (Fri) 18:18:27


There are certain expectations of a CEO, understanding what they are and how to supplicate the trust of your shareholders is a big part of the job.  This only becomes more important when one of your companies is completely reliant upon it's own inflated stock price, when it can't pay its own bills.  Enter Elon Musk, CEO, Billionaire, Twitter philanthropist.  Smoking weed on a podcast, building cars in a tent, and fighting the good fight against cave pedos.

Playing reality TV star when you have investors counting on you, and dreams of sending humans to space doesn't really add up.  It's beyond "being human" or "stressed out" when he doesn't even consider getting a COO like he has at SpaceX.  The tent shows his lack of planning.  Forcing himself into a corner where he's going to have to seek alternative funding, I don't even know what to call that.  Can't agree with LIE or enneagram 1.  I believe they would be more focused and their actions would align with their goals.

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20/08/25 00:25LadyX so/sx
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20/05/27 10:19sudeozcan so/sp
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19/05/12 16:17fsninetwo so/sp
19/02/05 22:30Taco110 so/sp
19/02/05 16:19tch so/sp
18/05/16 12:19Teru Mikami so/sp
18/05/16 11:23Î?λοÏ?ίμ Nissi so/sp
20/08/25 00:24LadyX 378
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20/05/06 16:49KashifIrfanBhatti 513
19/02/11 18:39ResoluteSoul 351
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23/01/01 14:39Flower-like ILE
22/08/28 11:32GIJOEBusta Cap ILE
22/03/04 21:33Woll Smoth LIE
20/08/24 15:14Adramelech ILE
20/06/07 21:05Sean91939 ILE
20/05/06 16:49KashifIrfanBhatti ILE
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20/05/05 21:35fleetingpetals1 ILE
19/12/07 18:06Tman ILE
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20/03/03 15:58tch ILE
18/09/09 16:03fg LIE
18/09/09 12:18LVNA LIE
18/09/07 18:33Teru Mikami ILE
18/09/01 19:39Nyx ILE
20/05/05 21:35fleetingpetals1 VLFE
20/05/05 21:35fleetingpetals1 HEXACO
20/03/03 15:58tch HEXACO