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Carl Gustav Jung


in Philosophy, Psychology, and Social Sciences

Carl Gustav Jung ~ Sakinorva Databank

Carl Gustav Jung


5w6 12
5w4 4
9w1 2
5wb 2
sx/sp 6
sp/sx 4
so/sx 1
LII 15
234 567 891

total votes 105








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2019/12/23 (Mon) 23:36:50


"From the beginning I had a sense of destiny, as though my life was assigned to me by fate and had to be fullfilled. This gave me an inner security, and. though I could never prove it to myself, it proved itself to me. I did not have this certainty, it had me. Nobody could rob me of this conviction that it was enjoined upon me to do what God wanted and not what I wanted and not what I wanted. That gave me the strength to go my own way. Often I had the feeling that in all decisive matters I was no longer among men, but was alone with God. And when I was 'there', where I was no longer alone, I was outside time; I belonged to the centuries; and He who then gave answer was He who had always been, and who had been before my birth. He who always is was there. These talks with the 'Other' were my profoundest experiences: on the one hand a bloody struggle, on the other supreme ecstasy."

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2019/12/23 (Mon) 21:59:35


"No. 1" is LEVF, "No. 2" is VLEF

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strawberry crisis



2018/10/23 (Tue) 11:05:05


What’s 4 about The Red Book? Recording visions and imaginative experiences because of its personal and cultural relevance is nearly an antithesis to type 4’s raw, emotive connection to its “work,” if you could even call it that. The only thing you could really try to pin 4 on is that he had these visions to begin with, but it begs the question: what’s 4 about that?

And look at this from the abstract for Beebe and Shamdasani’s notes on the Red Book: “They note that the self-experiment with individual vision that Liber Novus records, without recourse to psychological jargon or preconception, reveals Jung's recognition of a need to sacrifice the hero archetype and accept responsibility for what he regarded as his complicity with the egoistic spirit that had shaped the lead-up to World War I. A sense of duty, driven by what he felt was necessary to reconnect with his soul, gave him the energy to participate actively in the imaginations that emerged through encounters with figures that appeared in his dreams and waking reveries.”

It’s the same pattern of 6 that appears throughout Jung’s life, where Jung wanted to unearth the “truth,” as @edza puts it, somewhat distinguishing between exploration and construction. Funnily enough, it’s even noted that when encountering these figures in his dreams, he’d first and foremost question why they were there, implying that these impressions never meant anything meaningful to him in their purest form but rather that he needed to derive something more (in other words: assumptions, as his collectivistic, generalizing approach to analyzing people would show) from them. It’s why he’s basically the prototypical LII.

Jung's fascination with these visions (the unconscious or whatever he liked to put it all under) nearly demonstrates an "emotional" nanity with him choosing to ignore that which 4s consider personally significant for the sake of attaining a deobstruent understanding of these visions, which actually avoids 4ish indulgence. And there just isn't anything to him that spells out internal disconnection? I know you like to think of 4 vs 6 as individualistic vs. collectivistic, but 4 is more related to intrinsic removal than anything, and 6 weaves questioning and critical thinking into its blankety style of filtering and concluding.

But I do want to backtrack somewhat and reference the Black Books, which I think do represent 4ish unsynthesis:

Shamdasani explains:

"From December 1913 onward, he carried on in the same procedure: deliberately evoking a fantasy in a waking state, and then entering into it as into a drama. These fantasies may be understood as a type of dramatized thinking in pictorial form.... In retrospect, he recalled that his scientific question was to see what took place when he switched off consciousness. The example of dreams indicated the existence of background activity, and he wanted to give this a possibility of emerging, just as one does when taking mescaline."

Jung recorded these deliberately evoked fantasies or visions in the "Black Books". These journals are Jung's contemporaneous clinical ledger to his "most difficult experiment", or what he later describes as "a voyage of discovery to the other pole of the world."

The link to 4 here is however only represented in style rather than apparent connection. Note "deliberation"--in 4, this isn't deliberated, but naturalized. It's convincing from a perspective where the act mirrors the internal, but I would perhaps point out here that Jung's general obsessiveness with an idea that encompasses all this and reconciles it with an overall 6 side is more convincing from the Enneagram's perspective.

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23/08/23 11:36GIJOEBusta Cap INFJ
23/05/08 15:55Erasure INTJ
21/02/10 14:44Lol INTJ
20/12/08 13:46Tman INTJ
20/04/24 14:06bibliology INFJ
19/12/23 22:20ethan INTP
19/12/04 18:33Thyssen INTJ
19/09/03 13:49Teru Mikami INTP
19/07/08 02:39LadyX INTJ
19/05/18 07:31kawaii INTJ
19/05/17 03:06INTJ-2698 INFJ
19/04/14 12:44fsninetwo INFJ
19/01/27 14:47Rainbel INTJ
19/12/23 21:58Jacobus INTJ
19/01/15 06:40tch INxJ
18/11/08 14:44twinpinks INFJ
18/08/26 07:12exdeath INTP
18/06/30 07:41fg INTx
18/06/05 08:49Dollar Shave Club One Wipe Scottys INFJ
18/06/04 12:12edza INTJ
20/05/28 05:57Diobono INTJ
19/04/13 19:54LVNA INTP
18/05/02 04:45Taco110 INTP
18/06/04 01:39strawberry crisis INTJ
23/08/23 11:36GIJOEBusta Cap INFJ
23/05/24 12:07Woll Smoth INFJ
23/05/08 15:55Erasure INTP
20/12/16 16:08Freaky_sage INFJ
20/01/01 21:28bibliology INFJ
19/12/23 22:20ethan INTP
19/12/04 18:33Thyssen INFJ
19/09/03 13:49Teru Mikami INFJ
19/05/17 03:06INTJ-2698 INFJ
19/04/14 12:44fsninetwo INFJ
19/01/27 21:42tch INFJ
19/01/27 18:23Phantom INFJ
19/01/27 14:48Rainbel INFJ
19/01/26 22:27tman INFJ
19/01/16 21:11Jacobus INFJ
18/06/30 07:39fg INFJ
18/06/04 12:01Blank INFJ
23/08/23 11:36GIJOEBusta Cap 5w6
23/05/08 15:55Erasure 5w4
21/02/10 14:41Lol 5w6
20/12/16 16:08Freaky_sage 5w6
20/12/08 13:46Tman 5w6
20/01/01 21:28bibliology 5w4
19/12/04 18:33Thyssen 5wb
19/09/03 13:49Teru Mikami 5w6
19/07/08 02:39LadyX 5w6
20/05/28 05:56Diobono 5w6
19/05/17 03:06INTJ-2698 5wb
19/04/14 12:44fsninetwo 5w6
19/02/13 01:16Flower-like 9w1
18/10/23 12:03switchblades 5w6
18/06/30 07:40fg 9w1
18/06/04 12:13edza 5w6
19/08/26 13:37LVNA 5w6
18/05/02 04:45Taco110 5w4
18/06/11 07:46strawberry crisis 5w6
23/05/08 15:55Erasure so/sx
20/12/16 16:08Freaky_sage sx/sp
20/04/24 14:06bibliology sx/sp
19/12/04 18:33Thyssen sx/sp
19/07/08 02:39LadyX sp/sx
20/05/28 05:57Diobono sp/sx
18/06/30 07:40fg sp/sx
18/06/04 04:12LVNA sx/sp
18/05/02 04:45Taco110 sp/sx
18/06/11 07:47strawberry crisis sx/sp
20/01/25 04:23bibliology 594
19/12/28 01:52LVNA 541
19/12/04 18:33Thyssen 594
19/08/18 07:53fsninetwo 594
19/07/08 02:39LadyX 594
19/05/29 03:50fg 594
19/05/29 00:48INTJ-2698 594
23/05/24 12:07Woll Smoth LII
23/05/08 15:55Erasure IEI
21/02/10 14:41Lol LII
20/12/16 16:08Freaky_sage LII
20/01/19 19:46zazu LII
19/12/23 22:20ethan LII
19/12/04 18:33Thyssen LII
19/11/14 21:10DJ IEI
19/08/06 09:36INTJ-2698 LII
19/05/07 14:50Avalonia IEI
19/01/27 18:24Phantom LII
19/01/27 15:30Jacobus ILI
19/01/27 14:47Rainbel LII
18/11/13 05:52echidna1000 IEI
18/06/30 07:39fg LII
19/05/18 06:03Diobono LII
18/06/04 01:39strawberry crisis LII
18/06/04 12:13edza LII
18/05/14 06:38Lvna LII
18/05/11 07:19EON LII
23/05/08 15:55Erasure LVEF
20/12/16 16:08Freaky_sage LVEF
20/03/05 22:43Jacobus LVEF
19/12/04 18:33Thyssen LVEF
19/11/13 13:37fg LVEF