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Hideo Kojima

Video game designer, writer, director, producer

in Television, Film Industry, and Mass Media

Hideo Kojima ~ Sakinorva Databank

Hideo Kojima

Video game designer, writer, director, producer

1w9 4
5w4 1
sp/sx 2
234 567 891

total votes 27






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2018/06/02 (Sat) 17:21:15



I appreciate that you posted sources. I just want to clarify that I have read quite a bit and I understand the functions. If anything I have studied it too much from too many sources . I envy the simplicity of just typing by the letters.

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Beta ST

2018/06/02 (Sat) 16:53:56


thanks for the function typing vote, strawberry.

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Beta ST

2018/06/02 (Sat) 16:45:16


there is sources:

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2018/06/02 (Sat) 14:08:26


I actually relate more to Socionics INTj (≈INTP) than the MBTI one. I also relate to terciary Fi.

Jung liked complicated explanations. His Si definition is just insane.

Btw, I can no longer use discord. It says that my invitation is no longer valid. Did I have to do anything to keep being there or was I just espelled because I'm evil? First time I used it, so I wouldn't know.

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strawberry crisis



2018/05/29 (Tue) 14:44:50


Such a thing exists, and it’s called the dimensional model of MBTI where a scalar model of the axes is used instead of a dichotomous one (e.g. I am nearly undifferentiated on F and T with only a slight F preference but the dichotomous model would label me a plain F instead of my only slight preference for it) and it’s incorporated into MBTI Step II (Form Q). The functions that Jung defined are not the same as the functions you use and are very different from those in MBTI. In fact, Socionics does a better job of incorporating some of his ideas than MBTI does (see Jung’s introverted sensation type and Socionics’ Si). 

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2018/05/29 (Tue) 14:23:31


Letters are very different from functions, that's for sure. I think it would be a better model if it accepted ambiversion in each one of them. Sure, one side might be almost always stronger but it still would look more accurate to show that some people are somewhere in the middle of I/E, N/S, F/T and P/J. But we would have 81 personalities. I think functions are better but as you guys are using only letters I will admit that Kojima is an INT in the system you are using. Not sure still about the J vs P part but not going to argue on him being an INTJ as he could be one. 

On functions, I still see Fi and Ne over anything but I will change my vote to IDRLabs when we have the chance.

By the way, functions were already defined by Jung, the originator of this so I don't why they should be discarded.

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strawberry crisis



2018/05/29 (Tue) 13:07:58

#831 or, the official Myers-Briggs testing instrument. I don't really mind the blank comments since I can delete them if they show up anywhere but I'll try to fix it if it becomes too much of a problem.

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2018/05/29 (Tue) 12:32:33


I turns out I (everyone) can literally leave a blank comment.


What is the standarized version of MBTI by letters? My own version is personal and tries to mix function with letters so I want to know what are you people exactly using.

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strawberry crisis



2018/05/29 (Tue) 11:43:37


Normally my answer would be that because there is no centralized way to define the functions (take mbti-notes' descriptions of the functions to personalityjunkie's or to some other user on tumblr or to someone's from personalitycafe) and each way will be defined in such a way where one person's INFP could be someone else's ESTJ, so such a thing would be fruitless to deal with in the first place, but someone suggested to me an incredible idea that provides us with the opportunity to use functions without colluding with the MBTI votes or having to use Socionics' version of them. I'll be adding a voting column for "Postulated IDRlabs type," which would essentially just be a way to use The Functions to type people. Maybe that would be just the thing to humor people using MBTI while also not alienating people who wish not to use it? I'll add it today maybe and see how it goes

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2018/05/29 (Tue) 10:23:59



May I suggest to distinguish between votes by letter and votes by functions? Just like we have the chance to use Socionics. Unless the rules of this site are about using only letters. In that case I will leave it.

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1w9 Sp/Sx


2018/05/28 (Mon) 20:49:36


Edit: Instead of wasting time I'll just do this from now on as I build the patience

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strawberry crisis



2018/05/28 (Mon) 20:45:39


Blank, it doesn’t seem like you have an adequate enough understanding of “the letters” (or as I and millions of others like to call it—“MBTI”) to justify F and P for him. I have absolutely no clue who Hideo Kojima is but T and F have so little to do with a dichotomous contrast between realism and idealism that the distinction you made can best be matched to N and S (what could work vs what has worked). T and F have to do with whether or not someone values fairness, logic and truth over demonstrating tact, compassion and warmth. Even J and P don’t directly have to do with planning and improvising but rather how both styles of decision-making treat the idea of “closure” differently, where J plans in order to create that sense of closure while P strays away from planning in advance to avoid committing to a decision all the way. It’s less improvising vs planning and more open-endedness vs planning. From what I’m reading here, the case for him being INTJ in MBTI (not your function theory that isn’t related to it since “Fi Ne Si Te” isn’t a function stack Myers ever proposed) is much stronger than the one for INFP.

”F” is difficult enough to find among 1w9s but it is practically impossible for a 1w9 to be a perceiving type in MBTI.

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2018/05/28 (Mon) 15:26:45


There is no need to source an argument. If it's rational it should stand by their own feets.

Just telling me another said X doesn't make it true. That's why I don't bother.

He has admited that he didn't plan the series. Which also makes sense if he was saying the truth everytime he said he wanted to leave the saga (But it still could be selling strategy). But seeying how convoluted mgs4 was (which I still love) I believe him on he improvising .

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2018/05/28 (Mon) 14:51:09


Yep, in MBTI INFPs are dominant judgers, the function is Fi.

Also in MBTI INTPs are using a dominant judging function, Ti.

And INTJs are dominant on a perceiving function, Ni.

Now... If you want to use socionics, go ahead. But this site is making the distinción between MBTI and Socionics so you can do both.

But I will guess you are just using letters.

Let's go with it.

I: Kojima thinks a lot more than he acts.

N: He works with ideas more than sensorial concepts.

Here is the conflict:

T vs F: Is he a realist or an idealist. Up to you to decide. Is he trying to make the best games that his company can (the rational one) or even better than his company can (the idealistic one). Up to you to decide. An INTJ like the creator of Bloodborne didn't have any problem on reusing animations from the souls to increase efficiency and that's something Kojima would not ever do no matter how much time and money would save. But it still up to everyone.

P vs J: Is he a planner or an improviser. Well, he improvised every mgs instead of planning everything but not every INTJ is going to be Brandon Sanderson and plan for years. Now, up to you to decide.

I know you believe your arguments are fact and rational and I'm sure there will be people who agree with you. I don't. Accept it. Let it go.

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2018/05/28 (Mon) 14:22:33


He literally said that Kojima used more money than needed by having to make more songs. So... Yes, it proved me right. He argues that it was well worth it which I agree but he still did.

You present valid arguments like saying it's the opinion of a random dude yet sending the link with a video with the opinion of a random dude. You see the irony?

Stanley was a perfectionist for sure, and probably an INTJ but Kojima isn't Kubrick. He is Kojima. And Kubrick isn't making every tiny detail a reference to another movie, book, song...

Sure. Why cannot INTJs pay attention to detail? Why cannot INFPs be perfectionists though and get big videogames made?

I don't really care if he is an INFP, INTJ or whatever. I care that for me it makes perfect sense that he is an INFP and nothing you have showed proved otherwise.

But don't worry about my opinion, INTJs votes are way ahead.


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2018/05/28 (Mon) 13:28:59


I'm not getting to edit the message and the keyboard did some weird thing, so where it puts cinterpretative it should be costed money. It should be a synonim though. J.k.

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2018/05/28 (Mon) 13:26:09



Watched.Ironically in the second minute he says that:

The composer admited he dismissed a lot of songs and that cinterpretative.he author of the video says that isn't Kojima's fault because he was being creative and managing money wasn't his purpose because he wasn't the director of the company (Just the vicepresident of Konami, but whatever). So thanks for probing me right on that.

Sure, it was very profitable but after too many years of development, not a day, engine included. That was probably not Konami's ideal of getting money or they would have kept him (we know they just care for the money as MG Survive proved).

Sure that mutual friend is just some random dude as is the one who did that vídeo. As you and me actually are.

About exploring one idea... Well, Kojima says that he based his games on the theme of : Memes, Genes, Sence, Scene (I believe) and Vengeance.

But the games aren't really ramifications of that core idea as Souls game would be but a ton of them. He always mentions hundreds and hundreds of influence. Almost everything is a reference to another thing (i.e. Snake suit is like Motoko's suit) and that seems very Ne to me, picking as many as he can to make something with them, like a collage of cool ideas.

His games are also very detailed which some at least terciary Si. He is very picky about that and is part of his problem. There is video on the making of MGS4 where he made to repeat every Sunny's line to give it just a different tone with all the expenses another session would take. As an employee said, ok, if you really believe that is what is going to improve the game.

He is an expert on ideas, on creativity on having a big goal but he is not a pragmatic, he is an idealist and that is his strong point and weakness.

And by the way, I'm not critizing the man, I absolutely love him. Fi Ne Si Te just make the most sense to me.

Funny how the three voters right now agree he is a 1w9, enneagram seems to be more universally interpretative

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2018/05/28 (Mon) 12:32:06



I have seen plenty of Kojima interviews and for me he is a perfect INFP. A Ni dom would develope a main idea like Christopher Nolan but Kojima wants to use as many cool ideas as he can of the things he loves (Ne and Fi). His idealism cost him the problems with Konami due to he trying to make a perfect game which ended with a never ended final and his departure. While a Ni/Te user, while not perfect, would have avoided expending so much money on songs that were never used due to perfectionism.

MGS gameplays reward players for finding different ways to do something no matter how silly those ideas are.

Also, he was recomended to meet Guillermo del Toro by a friend of both because apparently he was totally like Guillermo (an INFP) as was told by Kojima in an interview.

But don't worry, a lot of people believe he is an INTJ so that type is likely to won.

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19/11/05 11:46Diobono INTJ
18/11/20 17:37Tch INTJ
18/11/23 12:56twinpinks INFJ
18/05/28 02:10Teru Mikami INTJ
18/05/28 12:27Khel INTJ
18/05/28 10:04szero INTJ
20/06/14 14:14Sean91939 INFP
18/06/02 08:31Blank INFP
20/06/14 14:15Sean91939 5w4
19/11/05 11:46Diobono 1w9
18/05/28 12:27Khel 1w9
18/05/28 10:05Blank 1w9
18/05/28 10:04szero 1w9
20/06/14 14:14Sean91939 sp/sx
18/05/28 10:04szero sp/sx
20/06/14 14:14Sean91939 LII
19/11/05 11:45Diobono LII
19/09/30 10:56Gordon ILI