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Elliot Rodger

2014 Isla Vista killings

in Government, Politics, and Law

Elliot Rodger ~ Sakinorva Databank

Elliot Rodger

2014 Isla Vista killings

4w3 9
6w5 4
3w4 2
3w2 1
sx/sp 9
sx/so 2
so/sx 2
234 567 891

total votes 71








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2022/11/30 (Wed) 13:59:09


Unlikely to be from Delta.

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2020/05/18 (Mon) 16:41:25


SLI makes very little sense, actually. His last video seems very beta, he just hates females as a group entirely for how a few individuals treated him, I am leaning either LSI or EIE

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<3 fg

2019/05/27 (Mon) 07:01:27


Its pretty clear in the manifesto he just wanted acceptance (Fi), (the young people of california is still not too accepting of foreigners or HAPAs (half asian half white offspring)) rather than the feeling that he's an "outsider". Clearly his rants about sex are clearly a poor use of Fe, (or lying) and just a way to explain it to other people, I suppose he lacked the vocabularly (not sure what his SAT scores or college major was) in the writings (its personal). Otherwise this is an unusual case, as numerous ISTPs and rare INxx are considering the event could be hoax or staged. However, assuming the event did happen, INTJ is correct typing.

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<3 fg

2019/05/27 (Mon) 00:34:22


People are afraid of INTJs huh... why?
NJs hate bullies. I guess schools must be breeding grounds for bullies

If he is enneagram 4. Their growth arrow is enneagram 1 which is the sense of justice

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2018/09/27 (Thu) 17:19:04


Thanks! The more I think about it, the more those quotes really just scream "NPD" over any actual personality type. I definitely do see the 4w3 traits over 3w4 traits now though, esp. with how he never really tried to create a desirable image for himself in reality (instead creating an idealized self-image based on his "suffering" and poor self esteem, like you said) or actively and productively go after his desires (instead staying inside playing videogames all day and hedging his bets on the lottery...). And I think his issues go much deeper than just feeling "a bit of injustice", but I get what you mean.

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2018/09/27 (Thu) 07:28:34


@~snow~    Link to his diary. To me he just felt a bit of injustice that women weren't giving any affection he sort of felt underrated in a sense.I read in description 4s have built an idealized image of themselves due to lack of self esteem? those quotes sounds like hes doing that.Also I don't think a 3 would be that vocal about wanting love/intimacy because they feel they don't deserve it so they try to do something amazing to get  that love.

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2018/09/26 (Wed) 20:46:01


The 4w3 can greatly be a type that believes they should be superior, especially when it stems from a place of inferiority. The Sexual 4w3 especially can feel as if that their "eternal suffering" is undeserved and that God is obliged to give them the universal gift that they had been deprived of.

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2018/09/26 (Wed) 20:40:43


Behind that mask of a false sense of superiority was a strong sense of worthlessness and inferiority.

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2018/09/26 (Wed) 17:28:27


I've never actually read his book thing myself, I'm mainly going off of his video and other people's summaries of what he wrote. If you have a link to it though, I may look into it.

But anyway, he did think he was (or at least think he deserved to be) superior:

"I don't know why you girls aren't attracted to me, but I will punish you all for it. It's an injustice, a crime, because ... I don't know what you don't see in me. I'm the perfect guy and yet you throw yourselves at these obnoxious men instead of me, the supreme gentleman"

"All those girls I've desired so much, they would have all rejected me and looked down upon me as an inferior man if I ever made a sexual advance towards them while they throw themselves at these obnoxious brutes. I'll take great pleasure in slaughtering all of you."

"You will finally see that I am in truth the superior one. The true alpha male."

"Well now I will be a god compared to you. You will all be animals. You are animals and I will slaughter you like animals. And I will be a god."

"I've wanted a girlfriend, I've wanted sex, I've wanted love, affection, adoration. You think I'm unworthy of it. That's a crime that can never be forgiven."

(Quotes from his video)

He was obsessed with being seen as superior to others and gaining women's "affection and adoration". Rather than idealize his own faults and defectiveness, he refused to acknowledge them, instead pushing those feelings of defectiveness onto others, because he couldn't handle the thought of being worthless and inferior. That's why I was leaning a bit more toward 3 for him. But now I've put more thought into it, and I think a lot of those traits can simply be explained by a relation with shame, something all heart types have. And yeah, I think you may be right, that while he may have had the fears and desires of a 3, he didn't really act on those fears and desires like a 3 at all. Meanwhile, he had the emotional vitriol of a 4, the drama of a 4, and the victim complex of a 4 (an unhealthy 4, that is). He believed himself to be different like a 4, longed to be understood like a 4, built an image around pain and suffering like a 4, and blamed others for that pain and suffering. He may have been obsessed with his image, but the image he ultimately built for himself was that of a victim, a sufferer.

I'm tempted to change my vote, actually. It's just kinda strange how a 4 would be so obsessed with status, appearances, and a desire to be "god" over others.

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2018/09/26 (Wed) 08:04:52


Also like teru said this guy was a incel. He believed he deserved to be loved by women sense of entitlement but had a horrible attitude towards women . Nothing to do with 3 traits of wanting worth from others

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2018/09/26 (Wed) 07:52:09


Have you read his diary? Its a typical emo 4 diary about love/romance tragedy etc.Again stereotype of just because you are a narcassist and you think you are superior makes you a 3. He wanted love/intimacy and he felt he was being wronged by all the girls choosing 'beast' over him not because he felt superior to others naturally. Thats very anti 3. Because threes are uncomfortable with intimacy. 3s are cold and calm  want effeciency like 1s

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2018/09/26 (Wed) 01:39:02


I can sorta see 4w3 to an extent, because of his feelings of alienation and desire to be understood. However, I ultimately do think 3w5 makes more sense.

He was pretty obsessive about people's appearances and societal traits (race, status, gender, virginity, etc.) and had this idea that he was superior to other people while it was also very obvious that deep down he felt the opposite. And that's exactly what I'd picture an unhealthy 3 to be - someone who desires above all else to be valued by others, yet despite their attempts, no one actually values them, and as a result they feel angry, slighted, envious of those they feel inferior to, and unable to cope with the feelings of being disliked when that is their biggest fear, they resort to lashing out against those they feel inferior to. On the enneagram institute page for type 3, read levels 6-9 (the source for my description) - they fit him perfectly.

In short, I think Elliot Rodger was likely a 3w4 who had major mental issues and a poor ability to navigate/understand social situations. Being a 3 doesn't automatically make someone successful and valued, but I can imagine that for 3s who aren't, life can seem like a living hell.

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2018/09/25 (Tue) 19:09:12


He was shy as fuck talked to no one, emo as fuck and believed in romance. 4>3. I swear every narcissist gets typed as a 3

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2018/08/13 (Mon) 20:08:48


a 2?

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2018/08/12 (Sun) 12:32:25


Literally the virgin shooter.

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Teru Mikami

2018/08/12 (Sun) 11:42:25


incels are actually disintegrating 2s

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2018/08/11 (Sat) 19:50:15


His motivations was love and relationships probs a 2

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23/06/03 23:45gary69 4w3
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23/06/03 23:45gary69 so/sx
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