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Light Yagami

Death Note

in Comics

Light Yagami ~ Sakinorva Databank

Light Yagami

Death Note

1w2 18
1w9 5
3w4 2
4w5 1
3w2 1
so/sp 12
sp/so 1
sx/so 1
LSI 14
234 567 891

total votes 116









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Beta ST

2018/07/05 (Thu) 11:16:06


he don't fit to the maxim? he fit to all the criteria of LSI composite by wiki socionics, and he look a lot to stalin(LSI) in the elimination of his opponents  ,pherhaps you don't see it because you did not  watched the serie entirely.

he have the cristallized vision of the world and always analysis the power structure  (Ti base), punish violators of his rules (Se creative),create a cordial relationship with L to achieve his goal (Fi role), fit with the Ne vulnerable of the LSI "They set clearly achievable goals, which they often reach. Failure to meet these goals causes the LSI to express anger and lose control of his emotions in the form of a seemingly childish tantrum."(episode 2, 9,10,final),his relation with Ryuk fit with the Fe suggestive of LSI, Ni mobilizing work with his evaluation of all potential danger and his prudence, Te ignoring fit with his unadaptive view of world, and Si demonstrative fit with his despise for lazy or superficial people .


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1w9 sp/sx


2018/07/05 (Thu) 08:07:28


I haven't watched the show in a long time, but world rejecting rational was fairly evident from what I remember (LIE, ESI, EIE, LSI). He doesn't seem like a Maxim, certainly when compared to characters who very clearly exhibit this type such as Levi Ackerman, Satsuki Kiryuin or Natarle Badgiruel. He reminded me of Aizen Sousuke from Bleach than say Kaede Manyuda from Kakeguri who is a clear example of the Ti subtype. 

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Beta ST

2018/07/04 (Wed) 08:00:48


socionics typing: LSI, like most of psychopathic characters who want to impose their vision of the world. socio Ti (cristalized unchanging ideology) supported by the socio Se (goal oriented and authoritarian function). like Stalin or Louis XIV.

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Teru Mikami

2018/06/11 (Mon) 08:43:33


yeah what a shame they changed the anime adaptation to "I am a God" instead of keeping it at "what do you mean by "God"? What you think is God might be something totally different to me. How do you define it? I guess I'm religious but not really. I don't like being boxed in, ya know. Clean your room." cause then he'd be an introverted 5

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Dollar Shave Club One Wipe Scottys



2018/06/11 (Mon) 02:32:36


ENTJ 1w2, same as Jordan Peterson

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2018/05/28 (Mon) 09:38:43




His boldness brought successes and serious mistakes (Te dom, terciary Se). For example, the four main mistakes that confirmed he was Kira to L were:

1. His impulse to kill Lind L. Taylor instead of letting go the provocation.

2. His impulse to kill Ray Pember instead of letting finish the investigation.

3. His impulse to brag of how smart he was deducting that the ad on tv was a trap for Kira.

4. His need to be rational on an obvious level when L showed the photos with Kira's message.

His thing is that he believes taking action is the most importante thing and that if it goes wrong he can just correct it.

However his main victory came when he stopped thinking on winning every battle (because he couldn't) and focused on winning the war. That's when he confessed.

He wouldn't learn the lesson though, and epic failed against Near because as he stated: You never consider the possibility of failing.

Because Light believes on taking action more than thinking every possibility as Ni doms or Ti Ne users.

His terciary Se is showed in his taste for action, fashion, popularity and overall skill to look normal.

Also we have his desire to become the God of a new world, a goal Fi dom would rarely consider because how ridiculous it is, showing that he was an inferior Fi but still Fi user very good at achieving goals that most Fi doms would consider stupid because it wouldn't make sense in the ideal of a perfect world and would find contradictory being a hero by killing criminals while a terciary Fi user would have a less nonsensical goal.


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2018/05/06 (Sun) 21:35:37


ENTJ 1w2 3w4 5w6

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22/09/16 22:59GIJOEBusta Cap ENTJ
21/09/24 12:01Reinek INTJ
20/07/13 06:38rhaeys ENTJ
20/07/10 18:53crescendi NJ
20/05/07 00:54kashifirfanbhatti INTJ
20/01/30 01:16Thyssen INTJ
20/01/16 09:39zeelkv ENTJ
19/08/01 15:10oopsie ISFP
19/06/15 01:57Lol INTJ
19/05/24 16:42jt ESTJ
19/03/27 00:53urrayo ENTJ
19/03/13 02:42ally ENTJ
19/01/06 06:59strawberry crisis INTJ
19/01/06 03:35zethmal ENTJ
18/12/12 15:04CatttyKittty INTJ
18/11/18 21:12tman INTJ
18/11/07 14:01tch INTJ
18/11/02 00:12Zal INTJ
18/09/22 16:05switchblades INTJ
18/06/23 04:26kawaii INTJ
18/06/23 04:48fg INTJ
18/06/11 02:45Nyx INTJ
18/06/08 05:35Teru Mikami ENTJ
18/05/11 02:55*~snow~* ENTJ
18/06/23 03:24edza IxTJ
18/05/06 09:34Mineshield ENTJ
18/05/05 07:51Taco110 ENTJ
22/09/19 23:25Woll Smoth ENTJ
22/09/16 22:59GIJOEBusta Cap ENTJ
20/12/17 04:59Freaky_sage ENTJ
20/07/10 18:53crescendi ENTJ
20/06/04 01:42Lol ENTJ
20/05/07 00:54kashifirfanbhatti ENTJ
20/01/30 01:16Thyssen ENTJ
19/05/24 16:42jt ESTJ
19/03/27 00:53urrayo ENTJ
19/03/26 14:20Quixotic ENTJ
19/03/13 02:42ally ENTJ
19/01/27 21:56tch INTJ
18/11/28 18:01Phantom INTJ
20/06/01 19:23Tman INTJ
18/10/15 08:50wpprsnppr ENTJ
18/06/23 01:15Teru Mikami ENTJ
18/06/11 02:45Nyx ENTJ
18/05/13 02:37fg INTJ
18/06/02 08:33Blank ENTJ
23/03/04 18:12Erasure 1w2
22/09/16 22:59GIJOEBusta Cap 1w2
20/12/17 04:59Freaky_sage 1w2
20/07/13 06:38rhaeys 3w4
20/07/10 18:53crescendi 3w2
20/05/07 00:54kashifirfanbhatti 1w2
20/01/16 09:38zeelkv 1w9
19/10/16 19:54pollo 1w2
19/08/01 15:10oopsie 4w5
19/11/17 14:20Lol 1w9
19/06/01 11:29typometrics.tumblr 1w2
19/03/27 00:54urrayo 1w2
19/03/26 14:21Quixotic 1w2
19/01/06 06:59strawberry crisis 1w9
18/11/28 18:02Phantom 1w2
21/07/09 15:58Tman 3w4
18/10/10 13:24wpprsnppr 1w2
18/09/22 16:06switchblades 1w9
18/06/11 02:45Nyx 1w2
18/06/08 05:36Teru Mikami 1w2
18/05/13 02:37fg 1w2
18/05/11 02:56*~snow~* 1w2
18/05/07 12:58edza 1w9
18/05/06 09:34Mineshield 1w2
18/05/05 07:51Taco110 1w2
23/03/04 18:12Erasure sx/so
22/09/16 22:59GIJOEBusta Cap so/sp
21/08/31 00:46pollo so/sp
20/12/17 04:59Freaky_sage so/sp
20/06/04 01:43Lol so/sp
19/06/01 11:29typometrics.tumblr so/sp
19/03/27 00:54urrayo so/sp
18/11/28 18:03Phantom so/sp
19/04/12 16:19tman so/sp
18/06/08 05:36Teru Mikami so/sp
18/05/13 02:38fg so/sp
18/05/07 12:58edza so/sp
21/07/09 15:58Tman 315
20/07/13 06:38rhaeys 315
20/07/10 18:53crescendi 315
20/05/07 00:54kashifirfanbhatti 135
19/06/15 01:57Lol 135
19/01/06 03:35zethmal 135
18/11/28 18:05Phantom 351
23/03/04 18:12Erasure LSI
22/09/19 23:25Woll Smoth LSI
20/12/17 04:59Freaky_sage LSI
20/05/07 00:54kashifirfanbhatti LSI
20/02/23 13:26tch LSI
19/10/16 19:54pollo ILE
19/06/01 16:44Lol LSI
19/04/19 16:02tman LSI
19/01/06 07:03strawberry crisis LSI
18/11/28 18:03Phantom LSI
18/09/22 16:05switchblades LSI
18/06/11 02:52Nyx LSI
18/05/15 03:04fg LSI
18/05/07 12:57edza LSI
20/12/17 04:59Freaky_sage LFVE
20/02/23 13:26tch LFVE
19/11/14 09:12fg LFVE
19/12/21 14:39Thyssen LFVE
19/10/16 19:58Tman LFVE
19/10/15 10:46Phantom LFVE
20/03/03 02:29tch HEXACO