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Karl Marx


in Philosophy, Psychology, and Social Sciences

Karl Marx ~ Sakinorva Databank

Karl Marx


8w9 4
5w6 3
8w7 1
cp5w6 1
sx/so 4
so/sx 2
so/sp 1
234 567 891

total votes 57









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2018/11/04 (Sun) 23:16:15


"The Social Eight is the countertype of the three Eight subtypes. Social Eights represent a contradiction: the Eight archetype rebels against social norms, but the Social Eight is also oriented toward protection and loyalty. They express lust and aggression in the service of life and other people.

This person is "social antisocial." In contrast to Self-Preservation Eights, Social Eights are more loyal, more overtly friendly, and less aggressive. They are helpful Eights-people who are nurturing, protective, and concerned with the injustices that happen to people-yet they also display an antisocial aspect with regard to the rules of society.

Naranjo explains that, symbolically, this character represents the child who became tough (or violent) in protecting his mother against his father. This is someone who bands together with the mother and goes against the patriarchal power and all that is associated with it: violence out of solidarity. Archetypally, this character represents the child who has given up on getting love from the father and allied with the mother against him.

Social Eights are very sensitive to detecting situations in which people are being persecuted or exploited by others that hold more power. When they detect this kind of thing, they tend to act to protect those who are less powerful. Karl Marx, the champion of worker solidarity and outspoken critic of capitalism, may have been a Social Eight.

Overall, this Eight appears more mellow and outgoing and less quick to anger than the other Eights. They tend to rebel in less obvious was. They are very active, and they may lose themselves through constantly being in action. They may display a disproportionate lust for projects or for collecting things.


The Social Eight subtype is the most intellectual of the three, but these Eights also rebel against the dominant (patriarchal) culture. This rebellion necessarily involves a mixture of authority and intellect because the dominant authority in patriarchal societies tends to promote the intellectual control of impulses and excess. While the Sexual Eight is the most overtly anti-intellectual of the three Eight subtypes, the Social Eight goes up against the power of authority out of a desire to protect the oppressed and, unconsciously, a personal need for the nurturance associated with maternal care."

Tbh...if Slavoj can be an 8 why can't Marxy be one? It does seem a bit counterintuitive, but I think I'll keep this vote here because I ran into this subtype description and the way his temperament is described at least opens up the possibility for him to not be a 5 I think (so a reminder it can be hard to assess temperament definitively unless it's resoundingly clear, especially for someone we're two centuries distanced from). Also his writing style for me was just very spastic in a lot of ways...could be a translation thing, but maybe not all high structure oriented philosophers have to be 5. And finally, I really do like the idea of him as So...I think instincts in a sense have gotten mixed up. Sx you can define as passion, but what if the person is ultimately impassioned by forging a social identity or impacting the world at large? Or what if they are extraordinarily passionate and hateful (think 4 Sx description), but it comes out of self-protection at the expense of giving in to someone in such a way that it could transform you? (this would have to be non-Sx (think Marilyn Manson, who somehow is seen as an Sx 4 when he does everything for external shock value)). Point is, instincts appear blown out of proportion and sometimes focus more on how someone "appears" than the potential reasoning for their behavior. I realize I'm being contradictory because I just used the social 8 description (lol) but I do think Marx was ultimately socially focused first and yeah he was passionate about it but that doesn't mean he is Sx.



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Beta ST

2018/07/04 (Wed) 12:17:22


SLE >LSI finally his philosophy is more about strengh rapport than structure of society's regulations . he is also more adaptative and stubborn than Krugman (LSI). SLEs are also less prudent than LSIs .SLE is evident when you see the description of SLE made by Piatnisky .also, SLE fit perfectly with gulenko's "philosophy for SLE"even if this idea of a philosophy attrubed exclusivly to one type (+without take in account subtypes)  can be easely criticized .

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2018/05/28 (Mon) 12:45:59


Well tbh though hegel doesnt negate the validity of the artistic experience and also of the religious experience and puts both  as moments of truth of the Spirit but yeah they are 'inferior' axiologically compared to philosophy because they are not conceptual based..  they are still valid though. btw marx is much more revolutionary and hot blooded than hegel  i would vote for strong sx instinct

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2018/05/25 (Fri) 13:19:22


*end all be all. 

Unless my statement was meant of course as a Freudian slip for a petite mort lol. 

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2018/05/25 (Fri) 13:18:07


“Hegel trusted the irrational aspect of iNtuition more even if he tried to systemwide it with his at dominance.” I really disagree with this. In fact I think he systemized it because he feared and did not trust it. His systemizing of intuition was a cold blooded murdering of respect for irrationality and allowed him to purge it from the sphere of man’s meaning to the point that he claimed creative works of art were less capable of conveying its contents than highly polished philosophical scripts. It’s like he wanted to confine intuition and play it down so that he could claim rational philosophizing were the bed all be all. 

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2018/05/25 (Fri) 12:30:35


Imo the differences between Marx and Hegel would be that Marx tried to subordinated N more firmly to T, while Hegel trusted the irrational aspect of iNtuition more even if he tried to systemize it with his T dominance

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2018/05/23 (Wed) 02:11:11

#705 I think this is the site you meant to go on quite honestly.  But the strawberry fields you seek to pluck here are forever entertwined in this site, so you would have better luck if you found a more local place to carry out this activity. I think that would make Marx happy too, like the local thing and all. It's always good to carry forward the timeless work of an LSI compatriot. 

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Beta ST

2018/05/23 (Wed) 01:53:05


why you said that i don't follow my logic? because Nietzsche unlike Marx ( a Fi user in socionic) value individual over any social structure, and Karl Marx think that social structure matter more than individual. so i don't see why you see a contradiction here. even if  i can see why a nonsense person like strawberry liked your comment.

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2018/05/22 (Tue) 17:27:01


I said if you really believed in quadra you’d have typed Nietzsche as Beta not that you did. I’m showing that your icy spires of impenetrable logic are actually quite penetrable because you even don’t follow them.  It seems they’re subordinate to your overwhelming desire to be right which is something that in many ways characterizes me and has in the past had the effect of casing me into a limiting iteration of myself so excuse me please for a moment if I engage this side of you and stare back at the horrifying nature of my own that seeks to constantly out do your seeking of correctness to purge myself of it onto this website before the abyss gazes back into me. You are my most loved friend here because in you I am presented with the me to which I would like to take out the dagger and revert to star dust. 


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Beta ST

2018/05/22 (Tue) 17:06:31


did not type nietzsche as Beta. what are you mading up for turning the debate in your favor? sexual variant by definition "They are the most passionate of the subtypes, being temperamental and having more energy. They have less of a problem with getting into a fight and care less about rules and responsibility."

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2018/05/22 (Tue) 16:54:16


Quadra is an antiquated way of socionics typing that it seems like you don’t even follow because If you did you’d type Nietzsche as Beta and EIE as well. He lacks the passion of intensifying connection between individuals. What you just said sounds like So first anyhow. 

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Beta ST

2018/05/22 (Tue) 16:33:08


Marx philosophy systematicity of dialectic (Ti) ,by history rules(Ti) and balance of power (Se). he is obviously a beta quadra. he don't see individual he see class (it's Ti in socionic). and have a poor Ne can work for him, his radical opposition to everything not acorded with his materialist dialectic system (Ti-Se) show it(exemple: with Proudhon). the crucial role of Strengh in his philosophy is a clear indicator of high socionic Se.

Lack of passion? did you even read about his life he was clearly a passioned activist.

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2018/05/22 (Tue) 15:35:16


LSI and Ne PolR are ridiculous suggestions for someone who mainly used Te and Ne to create his philosophy. There's no way he's a Jungian introvert.  He's typed ILE by the socionists but that's probably because of how he presents in his younger days. Overall he's a Jungian Te type and he's certainly not Sx first.  He lacks the passion and intensity of a true introvert or even someone who is concerned with intensifying individual connections. He saw communism as a way to reinvigorate people's relationship to external social reality as a whole...something that an Sx 5 like Nietzsche would have laughed at profusely. Also his reasons for collectivization are devoid of a care for liberation from the self or any sort of thing like that. 

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9w1 sp/sx


2018/05/13 (Sun) 00:08:13


Ah good to see that got taken care of :)

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9w1 sp/sx


2018/05/12 (Sat) 17:09:33


So uh I'm pretty sure he has a first name

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22/03/07 15:42darkstar ENTJ
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21/10/05 22:29Tman INTJ
20/02/18 22:02tch ENTP
18/07/26 08:27Teru Mikami INTP
18/07/17 07:47fg ENTP
20/07/16 05:14Diobono INTJ
18/07/27 01:20LVNA ENTP
18/05/12 04:52Nyx INTJ
22/03/07 15:42darkstar INTJ
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19/09/10 09:10fsninetwo INTJ
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19/01/27 21:34tch INTJ
18/07/26 08:28Teru Mikami INTJ
18/05/12 04:40fg INTJ
22/03/07 15:42darkstar 8w7
20/07/19 13:06Tman 8w9
19/12/30 02:23tch 5w6
19/10/14 17:08Lol 8w9
20/07/16 05:14Diobono cp5w6
19/02/08 22:43Taco110 5w6
19/06/20 15:15Teru Mikami 8w9
18/08/26 15:38LVNA 8w9
18/05/12 04:40fg 5w6
22/03/07 15:42darkstar so/sp
21/10/05 22:37Tman so/sx
19/03/22 19:35Taco110 sx/so
18/07/26 08:28Teru Mikami sx/so
18/07/04 06:37Diobono sx/so
18/11/04 23:09LVNA so/sx
18/05/12 04:40fg sx/so
22/03/07 15:42darkstar 853
20/07/19 13:14Tman 854
20/01/28 07:34Diobono 854
19/12/30 02:23tch 583
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18/09/17 10:07Teru Mikami 583
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19/11/27 13:13fleetingpetals SLE
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19/03/25 18:18Diobono ILE
19/03/22 19:36Taco110 SLE
18/11/13 05:53echidna1000 IEI
19/06/20 15:15Teru Mikami SLE
18/08/26 15:38LVNA ILE
18/07/04 12:08fg SLE
21/10/05 22:32Tman VLFE
20/05/28 04:59fleetingpetals1 VLFE
19/10/20 16:47fg VLFE
20/03/03 02:14tch HEXACO