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mbti INTJ
enneagram 5w6 or 1w9 (514 tritype)
sociotype Beta rationnal
id: 46
date created 2018-05-12 04:18:39am
user level member
Epicurus as SEI on 2019-12-11 12:37:53pm
Madelyn Stillwell as LIE on 2019-12-11 10:03:26am
Starlight as ESI on 2019-12-11 10:02:18am
Hughie Campbell as SEI on 2019-12-11 09:59:34am
Mother's Milk as ESI on 2019-12-11 09:58:24am
Frenchie as IEE on 2019-12-11 09:57:06am
Homelander as SLE on 2019-12-11 09:53:18am
Game of Thrones as SLE on 2019-11-20 15:45:21pm
The Sage as LII on 2019-11-06 14:16:49pm
Arthur Fleck (Joker) as IEI on 2019-11-02 18:13:03pm
4-6-8 "The Truth Teller" as EIE on 2019-11-02 17:34:07pm
Ares as SLE on 2019-11-02 17:12:34pm
ESFP as ESE on 2019-11-02 05:14:57am
Anarcho-Socialism as IEE on 2019-11-02 05:13:15am
Mewtwo as LSI on 2019-11-02 05:11:56am
INTJs as SLE on 2019-10-31 08:01:23am
John Calvin as LSI on 2019-10-27 13:42:11pm
VELF (Akhmatova) as EIE on 2019-10-19 14:58:30pm
VLFE (Lenin) as LIE on 2019-10-19 11:46:42am
FLVE (Aristippus) as SLE on 2019-10-19 11:39:46am
VLEF (Socrates) as SLE on 2019-10-16 15:24:32pm
Lady X as IEI on 2019-10-11 12:32:07pm
Ragnar Lodbrok/Lothbrok as SLE on 2019-10-11 11:34:49am
Scarlett O'Hara as SEE on 2019-10-11 11:33:17am
tman as IEE on 2019-10-11 01:04:06am
Compatibilism as LII on 2019-10-07 16:00:34pm
Zeus as SLE on 2019-09-19 12:04:49pm
Winnie the Pooh as SEI on 2019-09-07 08:45:09am
The Enlightenment as LII on 2019-09-01 09:45:06am
5-7-8 "The Conqueror" as ILE on 2019-08-31 02:40:56am
3-4-5: The Renaissance Man as ILE on 2019-08-31 02:39:07am
1-4-8 "The Prophet" as EIE on 2019-08-31 02:37:19am
1-6-8: The Knight as LSI on 2019-08-31 02:36:24am
Marshall D.Teach / Blackbeard as EIE on 2019-08-30 05:25:37am
Sakuta Azusagawa as SEI on 2019-08-28 09:09:15am
Mai Sakurajima as ESI on 2019-08-28 09:07:50am
Rap as SEE on 2019-08-27 02:49:12am
Rachel Green as ESE on 2019-08-16 10:53:19am
George Berkeley as ILE on 2019-08-15 15:19:31pm
Jake Gyllenhaal as IEI on 2019-08-15 12:24:17pm
Jeff Bezos as LSE on 2019-08-09 17:10:07pm
8w4 "The Edgelord" as ILE on 2019-08-08 05:22:52am
Francis Bacon as LIE on 2019-08-07 03:35:55am
Simone de Beauvoir as IEE on 2019-08-03 01:39:41am
Johann Sebastian Bach as LII on 2019-08-02 19:46:08pm
Marquis de Lafayette as ILE on 2019-08-02 11:58:34am
Anarcho-Capitalism as ILI on 2019-07-27 13:42:59pm
Ayn Rand as ESI on 2019-07-24 08:48:00am
Continental Philosophy as ILE on 2019-07-23 21:12:40pm
United States of America as SEE on 2019-07-23 18:28:29pm
United States of America as SEE on 2019-07-20 14:54:33pm
Ross Geller as LSI on 2019-07-20 07:18:48am
Kikyou Kushida as EIE on 2019-07-18 07:18:23am
Alfred Hitchcock as SEI on 2019-07-17 10:53:36am
Adora/ She-ra as ESI on 2019-07-15 20:39:35pm
Scorpia as SEI on 2019-07-15 08:45:31am
Bow as ESE on 2019-07-19 19:32:35pm
Entrapta as LIE on 2019-07-15 08:43:11am
Hordak as LSI on 2019-07-15 08:41:30am
glimmer as ESE on 2019-07-15 08:40:11am
shadow weaver as EIE on 2019-07-15 08:38:28am
Catra as EIE on 2019-07-15 08:34:25am
Artisan as SLI on 2019-07-15 07:08:39am
Guardian as ESI on 2019-07-15 07:08:19am
Idealist as EII on 2019-07-15 07:07:58am
Rational as ILE on 2019-07-15 03:07:14am
Wikipedia as LII on 2019-07-14 19:32:52pm
Chuck Norris as SLI on 2019-07-11 16:43:35pm
ESFJ as ESI on 2019-07-10 20:49:18pm
Ludwig van Beethoven as LII on 2019-07-08 19:22:01pm
Carl Jung as LII on 2019-07-07 19:41:47pm
Paul Verlaine as IEI on 2019-07-06 10:46:20am
Roger Scruton as ESI on 2019-07-05 09:00:22am
Jodie Foster as LII on 2019-07-03 18:13:01pm
Max Stirner as ILI on 2019-07-01 05:27:26am
Simone Weil as LII on 2019-06-30 09:52:25am
Jim Carrey as ESE on 2019-06-28 03:06:37am
Donald "Donnie" Darko as IEI on 2019-06-26 12:06:54pm
Donald "Donnie" Darko as IEI on 2019-06-26 12:05:58pm
Luke Skywalker as IEE on 2019-06-25 02:02:07am
Robert E. Lee as ESI on 2019-06-21 02:48:27am
Michael Jackson as SEI on 2019-06-20 10:14:35am
Type Four as IEI on 2019-06-19 13:59:58pm
Khal Drogo as SLE on 2019-06-19 08:26:06am
Ernst Jünger as LSI on 2019-06-18 01:53:40am
Amon as EIE on 2019-06-17 03:40:42am
Imperialism as SLE on 2019-06-17 03:29:10am
Squizgar Skwigelf as ESI on 2019-06-16 14:34:15pm
The Rum Diary as EIE on 2019-06-16 09:20:56am
Richard Spencer as EIE on 2019-06-16 09:01:54am
Joseph de Maistre as EIE on 2019-06-16 04:00:49am
Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington as ESI on 2019-06-16 03:40:14am
Begbie as SLE on 2019-06-15 02:28:02am
Nicolas Maduro as LSI on 2019-06-15 02:26:00am
Rameses as LSI on 2019-06-08 17:11:49pm
Agatha Christie as SLI on 2019-06-06 08:23:41am
8w6 "The Protector" as SLE on 2019-06-06 08:22:33am
Odin as LII on 2019-06-05 02:39:05am
Emperor Kuzco as SEE on 2019-06-05 02:01:23am
Bran Stark as ILI on 2019-06-02 12:44:24pm
Authoritarianism as LSI on 2019-05-30 18:18:19pm
Shark as SLE on 2019-05-30 10:29:29am
Pessimism as ILI on 2019-05-29 17:12:28pm
Optimism as ESE on 2019-05-29 15:59:26pm
Rin Tohsaka as LSE on 2019-05-29 15:58:44pm
Shirou Emiya as ESE on 2019-05-29 15:58:08pm
Gilgamesh as EIE on 2019-05-29 15:51:29pm
The Joker as IEE on 2019-05-29 15:18:10pm
Communism as SLE on 2019-05-29 06:56:31am
3w2 as LSE on 2019-05-29 05:04:38am
Veganism as IEE on 2019-05-29 04:29:12am
9w1 as SEI on 2019-05-29 04:27:05am
1w9 as LSI on 2019-05-29 04:02:06am
Patrick Stewart as LII on 2019-05-29 03:50:08am
Feeling as IEE on 2019-05-28 14:41:45pm
Arisu Sakayanagi as EIE on 2019-05-27 16:11:43pm
Thorin as LSI on 2019-05-27 16:08:23pm
Marine Le Pen as SEE on 2019-05-27 10:07:04am
Russia as LSI on 2019-05-27 06:05:36am
Elizabeth II as ESI on 2019-05-26 13:49:18pm
Lord Byron as EIE on 2019-05-26 05:18:51am
Realpolitik as SLE on 2019-05-25 05:49:21am
Megalodon as SLE on 2019-05-24 06:52:32am
John Stuart Mill as LIE on 2019-05-24 02:03:03am
Steve Bannon as EIE on 2019-05-23 11:43:11am
Jacobus as EII on 2019-05-23 05:57:32am
Morgoth/Melkor as SLE on 2019-05-22 17:17:37pm
Steven Spielberg as ESE on 2019-05-22 10:40:04am
Viserys Targaryen as EIE on 2019-05-22 04:06:33am
Targaryen House as SLE on 2019-05-22 04:05:51am
Metaphysics as LII on 2019-05-21 07:33:25am
Extraversion as ESE on 2019-05-20 15:03:13pm
The Beast as SLE on 2019-05-20 15:01:59pm
The Beast as EIE on 2019-05-20 11:34:23am
Bu-Ling Huang as ESE on 2019-05-20 11:29:51am
Zakuro Fujiwara as LII on 2019-05-20 11:29:17am
Retasu Midorikawa as EII on 2019-05-20 11:28:44am
Bilbo Baggins as ILI on 2019-05-20 11:27:08am
Charlemagne as SLE on 2019-05-20 06:02:16am
Clint Barton "Hawkeye" as ESI on 2019-05-20 05:45:57am
Catherine the Great as LIE on 2019-05-20 05:45:30am
The Party Animal as ESE on 2019-05-19 13:52:35pm
Oda Nobunaga as SLE on 2019-05-18 10:35:10am
paganism as EIE on 2019-05-18 10:32:26am
Judaism as LSI on 2019-05-18 10:20:00am
Blaise Pascal as ILI on 2019-05-18 09:26:26am
Catholicism as ESI on 2019-05-18 01:13:21am
Nick Furry as LSE on 2019-05-16 17:49:03pm
Father as EIE on 2019-05-16 02:40:51am
Severus Snape as LSI on 2019-05-15 17:02:30pm
Auguste Comte as LII on 2019-05-15 17:00:41pm
anti-christianism as LSI on 2019-05-13 16:58:44pm
Julius Evola as LSI on 2019-05-13 16:11:16pm
Georges Sorel as SLE on 2019-05-13 14:32:33pm
Kirei Kotomine as LSI on 2019-05-13 06:33:09am
Will to Power as SLE on 2019-05-13 01:06:48am
Kiritsugu Emiya as LII on 2019-05-30 09:57:54am
Fjotolf Hansen (Anders Behring Breivik) as EIE on 2019-05-20 11:26:04am
Varg Vikernes (Louis Cachet) as LSI on 2019-05-10 14:37:25pm
Yukino Yukinoshita as ESI on 2019-05-10 14:04:31pm
Protestantism as ESI on 2019-05-09 17:43:33pm
Gintoki Sakata as SEI on 2019-05-09 17:03:38pm
Elrond as LII on 2019-05-09 16:10:01pm
Jesus Christ / Yeshua as EII on 2019-05-09 14:48:08pm
the gallant knight as LSI on 2019-05-09 13:41:19pm
INFJs as EII on 2019-05-09 11:15:07am
ENFJ as ESE on 2019-05-09 03:09:16am
Marcel Proust as IEI on 2019-05-09 02:01:57am
Edward Lewis as LSE on 2019-05-08 08:44:10am
Tim Burton as ILI on 2019-05-08 08:28:35am
Overbearing Teacher as LSI on 2019-05-08 08:26:45am
Genie as ESE on 2019-05-08 08:26:02am
Princess Aurora as SEI on 2019-05-08 08:25:30am
Type Six as LSI on 2019-05-08 07:25:58am
Bashar al-Assad as LSI on 2019-05-08 07:20:21am
Christopher Nolan as LII on 2019-05-08 07:18:36am
Filippo Tommaso Marinetti as SLE on 2019-05-08 06:50:57am
Ryoji Kaji as IEE on 2019-05-08 05:35:06am
Louis-Ferdinand Céline as IEI on 2019-05-07 16:38:57pm
Monotheism as EII on 2019-05-07 16:33:20pm
Hans Landa as EIE on 2019-05-06 17:58:33pm
New Atheism as ILE on 2019-05-06 17:53:37pm
ESTP as SEE on 2019-05-06 16:30:31pm
Polytheism as EIE on 2019-05-06 16:28:13pm
Atheism as ILE on 2019-05-05 02:59:12am
Loki Laufeyson as EIE on 2019-05-03 16:42:44pm
Tsundere as SLE on 2019-05-02 02:34:07am
Kuudere as ILI on 2019-05-02 02:32:41am
Namie Yagiri as LSI on 2019-05-02 01:52:38am
Ranko Honjou as SEE on 2019-05-02 01:51:37am
Yandere as ESE on 2019-05-02 01:49:17am
Kamidere as EIE on 2019-05-02 01:47:08am
Ontology as LII on 2019-04-29 05:16:36am
Remus Lupin as EII on 2019-04-26 05:49:12am
Dimitri as LSE on 2019-04-26 05:47:43am
Nicholas II as LSI on 2019-04-26 04:35:20am
Russell Crowe as SLE on 2019-04-26 04:08:20am
Hades as EIE on 2019-04-25 02:41:11am
Margaery Tyrell as SEE on 2019-04-25 02:38:25am
Tommen Baratheon as EII on 2019-04-22 16:58:06pm
Thinking as LSE on 2019-04-22 02:52:29am
The Democratic Party as ESI on 2019-04-22 02:46:20am
Platonism as LII on 2019-04-22 02:32:56am
8w1 "The Dictator" as LSI on 2019-04-22 02:13:50am
Louis XIV as SEE on 2019-04-21 15:30:24pm
Octavian (Augustus) as SLE on 2019-04-20 08:50:06am
Externalism as LIE on 2019-04-19 14:46:41pm
Internalism as LII on 2019-04-19 14:46:09pm
The Matrix as EII on 2019-04-17 02:32:34am
Henri Bergson as EIE on 2019-03-30 17:35:02pm
Friedrich Engels as ESE on 2019-03-30 15:15:53pm
Phsc as LII on 2019-03-29 18:11:57pm
Dante Alighieri as LII on 2019-03-28 18:25:40pm
King Bradley as LSI on 2019-03-28 15:11:27pm
Greed as SEE on 2019-03-28 15:11:12pm
Maes Hughes as ESE on 2019-03-28 15:10:43pm
Madame de Pompadour as SEE on 2019-03-25 10:42:03am
Christopher Hitchens as ILE on 2019-03-25 10:02:18am
Richard Dawkins as ILI on 2019-03-25 10:00:26am
Silver as LSI on 2019-03-25 09:58:36am
Tobirama Senju as LSI on 2019-03-25 06:51:17am
Asuma Sarutobi as SLI on 2019-03-25 06:50:51am
Abraham Lincoln as IEE on 2019-03-25 04:58:58am
Logic as LII on 2019-03-25 04:19:02am
David Hume as LIE on 2019-03-25 04:17:59am
Diogenes of Sinope as ILI on 2019-03-24 11:24:55am
Gyorgy Lukacs as LII on 2019-03-24 11:24:20am
Gottlob Frege as LII on 2019-03-24 11:21:11am
Karl Popper as LII on 2019-03-24 11:20:13am
France as EIE on 2019-03-24 09:53:03am
Type Eight as SLE on 2019-03-24 09:25:57am
Saruman as LSI on 2019-03-24 08:50:20am
Sauron as SLE on 2019-03-24 08:49:28am
Stoic as LSI on 2019-03-24 04:57:40am
Slavoj Zizek as ILE on 2019-03-24 04:56:44am
Teru Mikami as SLI on 2019-03-18 16:53:42pm
ESTPs as SEE on 2019-03-13 07:54:43am
ENFJs as EII on 2019-03-13 07:54:23am
ENFPs as EIE on 2019-03-13 07:54:06am
Caligula as EIE on 2019-03-12 15:31:09pm
Marcus Aurelius as EII on 2019-03-12 15:30:47pm
Tiger as SLE on 2019-03-11 07:52:15am
Sophie Hatter as ESI on 2019-03-03 11:42:52am
Byakuya Kuchiki as LSI on 2019-03-03 10:26:12am
Sarada Uchiha as ESI on 2019-03-03 05:52:44am
Henri Poincaré as ILI on 2019-03-03 04:04:05am
Howl as EIE on 2019-03-03 04:00:20am
Lion as SLE on 2019-02-28 13:49:50pm
Monarchism as LSI on 2019-02-27 05:27:53am
United States of America as SEE on 2019-02-21 15:14:26pm
Libertarianism as SEE on 2019-02-10 07:30:25am
Obi Wan Kenobi as EII on 2019-02-08 12:44:49pm
Friedrich Schelling as EIE on 2019-02-07 15:18:39pm
Totalitarianism as LSI on 2019-02-06 14:57:00pm
James Moriarty as EIE on 2019-02-02 09:28:18am
James Moriarty as SLE on 2019-01-23 06:52:58am
Thomas Aquinas as LII on 2019-01-19 11:02:26am
2w4 "The Feeler" as IEE on 2019-01-18 15:43:01pm
Bipolar Disorder as EIE on 2019-01-17 23:14:21pm
Alan Turing as LSE on 2019-01-17 17:46:35pm
1w8 "The Stickler" as LSI on 2019-01-17 16:17:18pm
Christian Bale as ILE on 2019-01-15 08:26:59am
Aristotle as LII on 2019-01-14 07:47:23am
1w3 "The Perfectionist" as LSE on 2019-01-13 08:26:26am
Richard Wagner as EIE on 2019-01-12 06:25:52am
ESFJs as ESI on 2018-12-24 10:34:15am
ENTJs as SLE on 2018-12-17 23:03:28pm
Maximilien Robespierre as LSI on 2018-12-09 14:35:55pm
Snow White as EII on 2018-12-08 04:50:57am
Priestess as EII on 2018-12-08 04:48:01am
Maximus decimus meridius as LSI on 2019-10-13 14:19:02pm
Commodus as EIE on 2018-12-06 02:44:30am
Kakuzu as LSI on 2018-12-05 14:13:06pm
Isaac Asimov as LII on 2018-12-03 03:13:43am
Slytherin as LSI on 2018-11-27 16:01:53pm
Ravenclaw as ILE on 2018-11-27 14:29:55pm
Gryffindor as SEE on 2018-11-27 14:26:47pm
Hufflepuff as EII on 2018-11-27 14:15:35pm
Sir Crocodile / Mr. 0 as SLE on 2018-11-27 01:21:30am
Shaggy Rogers as SEI on 2018-11-23 16:24:48pm
Spock as LII on 2018-11-20 02:22:17am
J.R.R. Tolkien as IEI on 2018-11-18 17:43:02pm
Tim Drake (Robin/Red Robin) as ILI on 2018-11-11 03:40:58am
Damian Wayne (Robin) as SLE on 2018-11-11 03:39:22am
Alexei Karenin as LSI on 2018-11-11 03:37:56am
Ainz Ooal Gown as SLE on 2018-11-10 13:32:17pm
Ichigo Momomiya as EIE on 2018-11-09 15:01:58pm
Francis "Frank" Underwood as SEE on 2018-11-07 13:36:32pm
Jotaro Kujo as SLI on 2018-11-04 06:53:07am
Ichigo Kurosaki as ESI on 2018-11-04 05:50:46am
Sōsuke Aizen as EIE on 2018-11-04 05:48:44am
Lyon Vastia as LSI on 2018-11-04 05:45:39am
Jellal Fernandes as LII on 2018-11-04 04:02:12am
Thomas Jefferson as LII on 2018-11-02 13:49:16pm
Natsu Dragneel as SEE on 2018-11-01 17:36:24pm
Laxus Dreyar as SLE on 2018-11-01 17:33:04pm
Dio Brando as SLE on 2018-11-01 04:05:01am
Goblin Slayer as LSI on 2018-10-30 11:31:28am
Rouge The Bat as SEE on 2018-10-23 17:37:18pm
Ami Kawashima as EIE on 2018-10-23 17:34:22pm
Anri Sonohara as ESI on 2018-10-23 17:30:29pm
Shizuo Heiwajima as SLI on 2018-10-23 15:55:03pm
Masaomi Kida as SEE on 2018-10-23 15:54:18pm
Mikado Ryuugamine as EII on 2018-10-23 15:51:42pm
Alexander the Great as SLE on 2018-10-21 05:05:52am
Baruch Spinoza as SLI on 2018-10-19 17:00:01pm
Gordon Ramsay as LSE on 2019-05-30 06:03:01am
Rita Skeeter as IEE on 2018-10-07 05:05:46am
Peter the great as SLE on 2018-10-06 13:58:32pm
Nelson Mandela as EII on 2018-10-06 13:58:19pm
Dwight Schrute as LSI on 2018-10-06 13:34:07pm
Thomas Edison as LSE on 2018-10-06 06:06:28am
Winston Churchill as SLE on 2018-10-06 06:04:56am
Capitalism as SEE on 2018-10-06 05:38:17am
Anarchism as ILE on 2018-10-06 05:36:16am
Sonic the Hedgehog as IEE on 2018-10-05 15:40:58pm
Silver The Hedgehog as EII on 2018-10-05 15:36:43pm
Knuckles as SLI on 2018-10-05 15:35:46pm
Blaze the Cat as ESI on 2018-10-05 15:35:16pm
Envy as SEE on 2018-10-05 13:58:04pm
Shadow The Hedgehog as LSI on 2018-10-05 13:55:35pm
Benito Mussolini as SLE on 2018-10-05 07:37:10am
Nationalism as LSI on 2018-10-05 07:36:53am
Woody Allen as ILI on 2018-10-02 17:11:46pm
Fidel Castro as EIE on 2018-10-02 17:11:31pm
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe as EIE on 2018-10-02 17:11:11pm
Wilson Fisk "Kingpin" as SLE on 2018-09-30 08:04:42am
Goku Black as SLE on 2018-09-30 07:59:27am
Introverted Thinking (Ti) as SLI on 2018-09-29 11:50:50am
Introverted Intuition (Ni) as LII on 2018-09-29 11:50:11am
Introverted Sensing (Si) as LSI on 2018-09-29 11:49:28am
Extroverted Thinking (Te) as SLE on 2018-09-29 11:44:34am
Introverted Feeling (Fi) as IEI on 2018-09-29 11:44:16am
Extroverted Sensing (Se) as ESE on 2018-09-29 11:43:41am
Sherlock Holmes as LSE on 2018-09-27 15:00:09pm
James Moriarty as LII on 2018-09-27 14:59:49pm
Doctor Strange/Stephen Strange as LII on 2018-09-23 11:38:39am
Kurt Wagner "Nightcrawler" as ESE on 2018-09-21 01:48:38am
Jean Grey as IEE on 2018-09-21 01:48:11am
Ororo Munroe "Storm" as ESI on 2018-09-21 01:47:53am
Sakura Haruno as ESI on 2018-09-21 01:46:38am
Gellert Grindelwald as EIE on 2018-09-21 01:43:22am
Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody as SLE on 2018-09-21 01:42:33am
Saber as LSI on 2018-09-21 01:40:27am
Donkey as ESE on 2018-09-15 05:17:49am
Fumikage Tokoyami as LSI on 2018-09-14 13:25:22pm
3-6-9 "The Mediator" as SLI on 2018-09-14 12:46:41pm
Mr. Darcy (Fitzwilliam Darcy) as LII on 2018-09-14 11:54:07am
Bernie Sanders as LII on 2018-09-14 11:52:13am
Hannibal Lecter as LII on 2018-09-10 16:10:43pm
Jiraiya as EIE on 2018-09-10 02:38:56am
Mitsurugi Reiji / Miles Edgeworth as LSI on 2018-09-09 16:36:31pm
Elon Musk as LIE on 2018-09-09 16:03:23pm
Nikola Tesla as ILE on 2018-09-09 15:00:39pm
Nonon Jakuzure as SLE on 2018-09-08 05:14:21am
Desdemona as IEE on 2018-09-06 10:33:31am
Iago as EIE on 2018-09-06 10:33:18am
Othello as LSI on 2018-09-06 10:22:49am
Kenjirou Shibazaki as ILI on 2018-09-04 08:57:22am
Nine as LII on 2018-09-04 08:57:07am
Melisandre as EIE on 2018-09-04 05:26:58am
Jaqen H'ghar as ILI on 2018-09-02 15:43:26pm
Olenna Tyrell as LIE on 2018-09-02 15:43:01pm
Roose Bolton as LSI on 2019-05-18 08:56:05am
Renly Baratheon as SEE on 2018-09-02 15:42:22pm
Captain Haddock as SLE on 2018-09-02 15:39:52pm
Tintin as SEI on 2018-09-02 15:39:32pm
Kallen Stadtfeld as ESI on 2018-09-02 15:35:35pm
King Bradley as LSI on 2018-09-02 15:34:20pm
Dr. Klemphoff as ILE on 2018-09-01 05:10:13am
Saddam Hussein as LSI on 2018-08-31 16:49:13pm
Yousuke Hirata as EII on 2018-08-31 11:09:21am
Armin Arlert as EII on 2018-08-31 09:53:15am
Chief Keef as SLI on 2018-08-30 15:37:17pm
Richard Hoover as LIE on 2018-08-30 05:36:41am
Dwayne Hoover as ILI on 2018-08-30 05:35:19am
Emilia as EII on 2018-08-29 11:45:20am
Crusch Karsten as LSI on 2018-08-29 11:37:36am
Mahatma Gandhi as EII on 2018-08-29 03:54:20am
Narcissistic personality disorder as EIE on 2018-08-28 16:07:10pm
Frank Miller as LSI on 2018-08-28 15:54:45pm
Alan Moore as ILI on 2018-08-28 15:54:28pm
Link as SLI on 2018-08-27 10:04:11am
Ganondorf as SLE on 2018-08-27 10:02:45am
Max Russo as SEI on 2018-08-27 10:01:13am
Theresa Russo as ESI on 2018-08-27 10:00:27am
Jerry Russo as LSE on 2018-08-27 09:59:55am
Justin Russo as LSI on 2018-08-27 09:59:26am
Alex Russo as SEE on 2018-08-27 09:58:19am
Saul Goodman as ESE on 2018-08-24 15:57:23pm
Tuco Salamanca as SLE on 2018-08-24 15:57:03pm
Gustavo "Gus" Fring as LSE on 2018-08-24 15:56:45pm
Amy Farrah Fowler as IEI on 2018-08-24 15:56:20pm
fiddlediddle as IEE on 2018-08-24 15:48:47pm
Slade/Deathstroke as LSI on 2018-08-24 15:46:33pm
Sadistic Personality Disorder as SLE on 2018-08-23 11:39:09am
Sadistic Personality Disorder as SLI on 2018-08-23 04:58:11am
1-3-5 "The Technical Expert" as LSE on 2018-08-23 04:56:43am
2-7-8 "The Free Spirit" as SEE on 2018-08-23 04:56:00am
1-4-6 "The Philosopher" as EII on 2018-08-23 04:55:21am
1-3-6 "The Taskmaster" as LSE on 2018-08-23 04:57:44am
3-5-8 "The Solution Master" as LSI on 2018-08-23 04:54:41am
1-4-5 "The Researcher" as LII on 2018-08-23 04:53:26am
1-3-7 "The Systems Builder" as LIE on 2018-08-23 04:53:00am
4-5-9 "The Contemplative" as ILI on 2018-08-23 04:52:20am
2-6-8 "The Rescuer" as SEE on 2018-08-23 04:51:19am
4-6-9 "The Seeker" as SEI on 2018-08-23 04:50:56am
4-5-8 "The Scholar" as ILE on 2018-08-23 04:50:26am
LeafyIsHere (Calvin Vail) as SLI on 2018-08-19 05:00:33am
Hit as SLI on 2018-08-18 09:31:49am
Jiren as LSI on 2018-08-18 09:31:17am
Snow Villiers as SEE on 2018-08-16 04:24:54am
Lightning as SLE on 2018-08-16 04:24:21am
Sephiroth as IEI on 2018-08-16 04:21:20am
Alain de Benoist as IEI on 2019-03-24 11:22:31am
Hashirama Senju as ESI on 2018-08-11 05:42:24am
Madara Uchiha as SLE on 2018-08-11 05:42:01am
Aleksandr Dugin as EIE on 2018-08-09 14:37:58pm
Kaiba Seto as SLE on 2018-08-09 05:54:11am
Jeffrey "The Dude" Lebowski as SEI on 2018-08-09 05:20:55am
Hachiman Hikigaya as ILI on 2018-08-06 02:35:47am
oim8 as SLI on 2018-08-05 07:02:07am
John F. Kennedy as LIE on 2018-08-05 03:24:06am
Charles Baudelaire as IEI on 2018-08-03 05:37:09am
Natsuki Subaru as IEE on 2018-07-30 06:33:30am
Red Hood/Jason Todd as SEE on 2018-07-28 12:31:52pm
John Smith as ILE on 2018-07-27 03:19:29pm
Bill Clinton as LIE on 2018-10-14 07:55:19am
Max as ILI on 2018-07-26 06:23:33pm
Ramsay Bolton as EIE on 2018-07-26 06:15:13pm
paul as LSI on 2018-07-26 05:08:23pm
Ash Ketchum as SEE on 2018-07-26 05:04:45pm
Salvador Dalí as EIE on 2018-07-26 04:53:58pm
Dawn as IEI on 2018-07-26 04:52:56pm
Misty as ESI on 2018-07-26 04:52:33pm
May as ESE on 2018-07-26 04:51:37pm
Lugia as ESI on 2018-07-26 04:50:28pm
Mew as IEE on 2018-07-29 01:19:20am
Shigeru Okido [Gary Oak] as LIE on 2018-07-26 04:48:45pm
James as SEI on 2018-07-26 04:48:16pm
Nyarth [Meowth] as ILE on 2018-07-26 04:48:02pm
Jessie as SLE on 2018-07-26 04:47:48pm
Mushu as EIE on 2019-04-20 16:35:19pm
Mai as ILI on 2018-07-26 11:02:17am
Chien-Po as SEI on 2018-07-25 05:37:32pm
Jordan Peterson as ESI on 2018-07-25 03:09:12am
Gheegle as ESE on 2018-07-24 02:09:07pm
Tenya Iida as LSI on 2018-07-24 09:35:09am
Tsuyu Asui as ILI on 2018-07-24 07:10:43am
Solf J. Kimblee as ILE on 2018-07-21 12:55:59pm
Buruma [Bulma] as LIE on 2018-07-19 03:59:22pm
Chichi [Chi-Chi] as ESI on 2018-07-19 03:59:01pm
Tsunade as SLE on 2018-07-19 12:35:59pm
Cara Delevingne as EIE on 2018-09-03 12:40:34pm
Erik Killmonger as SEE on 2018-07-19 03:29:33am
Gwen Stacy as IEE on 2018-07-18 11:15:42am
Glenn Danzig as SEE on 2018-07-18 10:20:04am
Tomura Shigaraki as ILI on 2018-07-18 09:44:41am
Pavel Smerdyakov as SLI on 2018-07-18 09:43:32am
Franklin Bordeau as SLI on 2018-07-18 09:41:56am
Bronn as SLI on 2018-07-18 08:42:59am
Orihara Izaya as EIE on 2018-07-18 08:35:42am
Fyodor Dostoyevsky as EII on 2018-07-17 04:03:57pm
heathcliff as IEI on 2018-07-20 03:52:55am
Marshall Eriksen as SEI on 2018-07-17 02:49:05pm
Lily Aldrin as ESE on 2018-07-17 02:48:19pm
Robin Scherbatsky as SLI on 2018-07-17 02:41:39pm
Barney Stinson as ESE on 2018-07-17 02:39:24pm
Ted Mosby as IEI on 2019-07-06 02:52:36am
Death as ESE on 2018-07-18 11:42:51am
Arnold Schwarzenegger as LSE on 2018-07-17 07:43:58am
Thanos as LSI on 2019-12-14 00:52:51am
Maka Albarn as ESI on 2018-07-17 07:16:25am
Franken Stein as ILI on 2018-07-17 07:15:01am
Soul Eater Evans as SLI on 2018-07-17 07:13:50am
Crona as ILI on 2018-07-17 07:13:36am
Asura as ILI on 2018-07-17 07:13:11am
Black Star as SLE on 2018-07-17 07:12:37am
Dolores Umbridge as ESI on 2018-07-17 07:00:31am
Neji Hyuga as LSI on 2018-07-17 06:33:26am
Harrison Ford as SLI on 2018-07-16 06:03:32pm
Li Shang as LSI on 2018-07-16 06:02:21pm
Li Shang as SEI on 2018-07-16 05:02:17pm
Ginko as ILI on 2018-07-16 02:18:48pm
Shota Aizawa as SLI on 2018-07-16 12:31:29pm
Johnny Cash as SLE on 2018-07-16 12:31:01pm
Silva Zoldyck as SLI on 2018-07-16 12:30:45pm
Suzuha Amane as ILE on 2018-07-16 07:11:25am
Medusa Gorgon as SEE on 2018-07-17 07:14:36am
Tsubaki Nakatsukasa as SEI on 2018-07-16 06:31:03am
Death the Kid as LSI on 2018-07-16 06:30:39am
Riza Hawkeye as ESI on 2018-07-16 05:15:43am
Amano Yukiteru as SEI on 2018-07-16 03:49:27am
Isabella "Bella" Cullen (née Swan) as ILI on 2018-07-16 03:48:35am
Alphonse Elric as SEI on 2018-07-16 03:16:39am
Scar as LSI on 2018-07-16 03:15:45am
Roy Mustang as SLE on 2018-07-16 03:14:10am
Van Hohenheim as LII on 2018-08-09 05:53:35am
Javert as LSI on 2018-07-15 04:08:29pm
Jean Valjean as EII on 2018-07-15 04:07:35pm
Causette as EII on 2018-07-15 04:07:07pm
William Shakespeare as EIE on 2018-07-15 03:58:16pm
Friedrich Schiller as LII on 2018-07-15 03:55:32pm
Mao Zedong as SLE on 2018-07-15 03:21:34pm
Richard Nixon as LSI on 2018-11-06 15:38:52pm
Frieza as EIE on 2018-07-15 02:27:53pm
Goku as ESE on 2018-07-15 02:26:34pm
Iron Man/Tony Stark as LIE on 2018-07-15 02:24:48pm
Koutarou Amon as LSI on 2018-07-15 11:53:56am
Laura as SLI on 2018-07-15 11:53:29am
Rock Lee as SEE on 2018-07-15 09:31:35am
Pain (Nagato) as EIE on 2018-07-15 09:31:06am
Akane Tsunemori as EII on 2018-07-15 07:54:59am
Izuku Midoriya as EII on 2018-07-15 07:53:10am
Akira Mado as LII on 2018-07-15 03:39:04am
Shinya Kogami as SLI on 2018-07-15 03:35:42am
Nobuchika Ginoza as LSI on 2018-07-15 03:35:24am
Minerva McGonagall as LSI on 2018-07-15 03:34:49am
Melania Trump as ESI on 2018-07-14 06:18:31pm
Lou Reed as SLE on 2018-07-14 05:25:57pm
Regina George as LSE on 2018-07-14 05:23:30pm
Janis Ian as SLI on 2018-07-14 05:23:14pm
Zayn Malik as ESE on 2018-07-14 05:23:01pm
Taco as LSE on 2018-07-14 04:53:30pm
Social 1 as ESI on 2018-07-14 01:43:34pm
Itaru Hashida as SLI on 2018-07-13 06:16:53pm
Heathcliff as ILI on 2018-07-13 12:44:10pm
Sexual 1 as EII on 2018-07-13 05:58:26am
Self-Preservation 9 as SLI on 2018-07-13 05:58:01am
Social 4 as EII on 2018-07-13 05:57:37am
Self-Preservation 2 as ESI on 2018-07-13 05:56:41am
Self-Preservation 7 as SLI on 2018-07-13 05:56:16am
V as LII on 2018-07-12 04:12:20pm
Edward Scissorhands as SEI on 2018-07-12 12:47:52pm
Kaname Madoka as EII on 2018-07-12 10:52:59am
Lara Croft as SLI on 2018-07-12 06:53:51am
Mary Jane Watson as EIE on 2018-07-12 06:45:40am
Robin Williams as ESE on 2018-07-12 06:44:58am
Touta Matsuda as ESE on 2018-07-12 06:44:43am
Katniss Everdeen as SLI on 2018-07-12 06:39:02am
Qui-Gon Jinn as SLI on 2018-07-12 06:35:37am
Snoop Dogg as SEI on 2018-07-12 03:39:23am
Hinata Hyuga as EII on 2018-07-11 06:11:06pm
Emma Watson as LII on 2018-07-11 05:03:01pm
Jean-Paul Sartre as ILE on 2019-03-24 11:21:23am
Claude Faustus as LSI on 2018-07-11 02:43:24pm
Homer Simpson as SEI on 2018-07-11 02:38:25pm
Charles Montgomery Burns as SLE on 2018-07-11 02:34:08pm
Marge Simpson as ESI on 2018-07-11 02:30:34pm
Sexual 5 as ILI on 2018-07-11 02:19:41pm
Sexual 8 as SEE on 2018-07-11 02:18:35pm
Sexual 4 as EIE on 2018-10-04 14:36:51pm
Simba as ESE on 2018-07-11 02:16:38pm
Noam Chomsky as LII on 2018-07-11 02:05:26pm
Charles Darwin as ILE on 2018-09-08 04:54:31am
Minato Namikaze as EII on 2018-07-11 11:23:16am
Itachi Uchiha as LII on 2018-07-11 11:21:48am
Sai as SLI on 2018-07-11 11:20:52am
Deidara as IEE on 2018-08-01 06:42:37am
Kabuto Yakushi as ILI on 2018-07-11 11:19:29am
Kakashi Hatake as SLI on 2018-07-11 11:19:02am
J. K. Rowling as EII on 2018-07-11 10:56:09am
Nami as LSE on 2018-07-11 10:54:19am
Tom Riddle / Lord Voldemort as EIE on 2019-05-19 16:51:45pm
Kirigaya Kazuto "Kirito" as SLI on 2018-07-11 08:28:13am
Suzumiya Haruhi as SEE on 2018-07-11 07:36:39am
God as ESI on 2018-07-10 05:29:07pm
Satan as SLE on 2018-07-10 05:28:28pm
Momo Yaoyorozu as LSE on 2018-07-10 05:14:44pm
Dabi as SLI on 2018-07-10 05:14:18pm
Shouto Todoroki as ESI on 2018-07-10 05:13:52pm
Endeavor as SLE on 2018-07-10 05:12:44pm
All Might as ESE on 2018-07-10 05:12:16pm
Ochako Urakara as ESE on 2018-07-10 05:11:35pm
Katsuki Bakugou as SLE on 2018-07-10 05:11:09pm
Stain as LSI on 2018-07-10 05:10:07pm
Eraserhead as SLI on 2018-07-10 05:08:10pm
Haku as EII on 2018-07-10 05:05:41pm
H. P. Lovecraft as ILI on 2018-07-10 05:04:55pm
Ludwig Wittgenstein as LII on 2018-07-10 04:44:33pm
Dr. Gregory House as ILE on 2018-08-31 11:53:04am
LVFE (Lao Tzu) as LSI on 2018-07-10 04:16:56pm
Barack Obama as ESI on 2018-07-10 03:32:08pm
Barack Obama as LSI on 2018-07-10 03:04:57pm
Eminem as SLI on 2018-07-10 02:56:25pm
Johncena as SLI on 2018-07-10 02:54:38pm
Johnny Depp as SEI on 2018-07-10 11:27:03am
Adam Driver as ILI on 2018-07-10 11:26:27am
Megan Fox as ESE on 2018-07-10 11:25:16am
Keira Knightley as ILI on 2018-07-14 04:52:48pm
Angelina Jolie as SLI on 2018-07-10 11:24:26am
Doctor as LSE on 2018-10-08 12:57:45pm
Harry Osborn as SLE on 2018-07-10 10:03:36am
Peter Parker/Spider-Man as SEI on 2018-07-10 09:35:08am
Sasha Grey as SLI on 2018-07-10 05:59:54am
Ameer Vann as SLI on 2018-09-14 14:36:35pm
Andrew Jackson as SEE on 2018-07-10 04:36:40am
Han Solo as SLI on 2018-07-10 04:34:39am
Zeego as LII on 2018-07-10 03:05:04am
The Riddler as ILE on 2018-07-09 06:24:18pm
Shrek as SLI on 2018-07-09 08:36:47am
Anton Ego as LSI on 2018-07-09 06:09:36am
James P. "Sulley" Sullivan as SEI on 2018-07-09 06:06:39am
Guts as SLE on 2018-07-09 06:02:41am
Social 2 as ESI on 2018-07-08 02:34:16pm
Isaac Newton as LII on 2018-09-30 07:52:44am
Superman/Clark Kent as EII on 2018-07-07 10:45:43am
Nightwing/Dick Grayson as EIE on 2018-07-07 10:45:27am
Batman/Bruce Wayne as LSI on 2018-07-07 10:45:08am
Kiyotaka Ayanokouji as ILI on 2018-07-06 12:58:10pm
Shikamaru Nara as SLI on 2018-07-06 11:04:11am
Nico Robin / Miss All Sunday as ILI on 2018-07-06 07:22:34am
Near as LII on 2018-07-06 07:20:42am
Ryuk as SEI on 2018-07-11 06:14:45pm
Bolin as ESE on 2018-07-15 04:10:05pm
Katara as ESI on 2018-07-06 05:21:25am
Justin Bieber as SEI on 2018-07-06 02:55:15am
Penny as ESE on 2018-07-05 05:28:29pm
Kim Boggs as SEI on 2018-07-05 05:27:57pm
Nagisa Furukawa as EII on 2018-07-05 03:06:48pm
Brock as LSE on 2018-07-05 02:58:12pm
Hisoka Morow as IEE on 2018-07-05 10:08:08am
Jane Margolis as SLI on 2019-05-27 16:08:57pm
LEVF (Pascal) as LII on 2018-07-04 11:28:17am
Sasuke Uchiha as SLE on 2018-08-27 05:35:03am
EFLV (Bukharin) as SEI on 2018-07-04 02:18:47pm
FLEV (Epicurus) as SLI on 2019-10-18 13:33:24pm
LFEV (Berthier) as SLI on 2018-07-04 07:36:33am
Franz Kafka as ILI on 2018-07-04 07:22:28am
szero as LII on 2018-07-04 03:27:52am
Aqua as EII on 2018-07-04 03:18:01am
Sora as ESE on 2018-07-04 03:16:31am
Terra as ESI on 2018-07-04 03:16:14am
Kairi as EII on 2018-07-03 05:09:54pm
Riku as ILI on 2018-07-03 05:09:26pm
Roxas as SEI on 2018-07-03 05:09:15pm
Legolas as SLI on 2018-07-01 05:34:20pm
Suzune Horikita as LSE on 2018-07-01 05:28:06pm
Ian Malcolm as ILI on 2018-06-30 04:16:45pm
Alan Grant as SLI on 2018-07-11 08:47:27am
Donald Trump as SEE on 2018-06-30 10:44:11am
George W. Bush as ESI on 2018-06-30 10:35:54am
Arthur Rimbaud as ILI on 2018-06-30 10:34:43am
Kurisu Makise as LII on 2018-06-30 09:04:13am
Mako Mankanshoku as ESE on 2018-06-30 09:02:59am
Ragyo Kiryuin as EIE on 2018-06-30 09:01:46am
Satsuki Kiryuin as LSI on 2018-06-30 09:01:31am
Sheldon Cooper as LII on 2018-07-10 05:27:27am
Carl Gustav Jung as LII on 2018-06-30 07:39:57am
Anton Ego as LSI on 2018-06-30 07:27:35am
Annie Leonhart as SLI on 2018-06-30 06:30:36am
Lysa Arryn (née Tully) as ESI on 2018-06-30 06:03:46am
Histrionic personality disorder as ESE on 2018-06-30 04:09:40am
Paranoid personality disorder as ESI on 2018-06-30 04:08:58am
Avoidant personality disorder as SLI on 2018-06-30 04:07:50am
Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder as LSI on 2018-06-30 04:07:16am
Schizoid personality disorder as ILI on 2018-06-30 04:06:55am
Vegeta as SLE on 2018-06-29 05:38:39pm
Kuvira as SLE on 2018-06-29 03:32:41pm
Ozai as SLE on 2018-06-29 03:32:29pm
Toph Bei Fong as SLI on 2018-06-29 03:32:15pm
Mako as SLI on 2018-06-29 03:31:31pm
Diobono as ILI on 2018-06-29 02:39:41pm
Robin as LSI on 2018-06-29 12:40:21pm
Cyborg as LSE on 2018-06-29 12:39:59pm
Beast Boy as EIE on 2018-06-29 12:39:43pm
Zuko as LSI on 2018-06-28 03:04:15pm
Social 8 as SLE on 2018-06-28 10:15:13am
Self-Preservation 1 as LSI on 2018-06-28 10:14:31am
Self-Preservation 8 as LSI on 2018-06-25 10:14:17am
Dialectic-Algorhitmic Cognition as ILI on 2018-06-24 06:11:46pm
Holographical-Panoramic Cognition as SLE on 2018-06-24 06:10:01pm
Vortical-Synergetic Cognition as LIE on 2018-06-24 06:08:04pm
Causal-Determinist Cognition as LSI on 2018-06-24 06:07:32pm
Socrates as ILI on 2018-06-24 02:31:55am
Stephen Hawking as LIE on 2018-06-23 04:54:03am
Adolf Hitler as EIE on 2018-06-22 04:48:10pm
Zangdar as SLE on 2018-06-22 02:04:06am
Clarice Starling as LII on 2018-06-21 03:46:50pm
Bob Parr "Mr. Incredible" as SEE on 2018-06-21 03:43:38pm
Edna Mode as SLI on 2018-06-21 03:42:25pm
Angela Merkel as LSE on 2018-11-04 05:26:16am
Korra as SEE on 2018-06-21 11:26:57am
Sokka as SLE on 2018-06-21 11:25:54am
Jean-Jacques Rousseau as IEI on 2018-06-21 11:19:59am
Martin Luther King as EIE on 2018-06-21 11:17:43am
Malcolm X as LSI on 2018-06-21 11:16:13am
Mikami Teru as LSI on 2018-06-21 11:08:03am
Kurapika as LSI on 2018-06-21 07:11:53am
Jar Jar Binks as IEE on 2018-06-21 05:57:24am
Darth Vader as LSI on 2018-11-30 13:51:30pm
Mace Windu as LSI on 2018-06-21 05:54:37am
Yoda as LII on 2018-06-21 05:54:09am
Argus Filch as LSI on 2018-06-21 05:22:53am
Vernon Dursley as LSI on 2018-06-21 05:19:39am
Belle as IEI on 2018-06-21 04:51:31am
Buddy Pine "Syndrome" as EIE on 2018-06-21 02:36:53am
wpprsnppr as ILI on 2018-06-20 02:13:37pm
Spike Spiegel as SLI on 2018-06-20 06:00:12am
Temari as SLE on 2018-06-17 12:30:23pm
Arthur Schopenhauer as ILI on 2018-06-17 06:06:11am
Julius Caesar (Gaius Iulius Caesar) as SEE on 2018-06-17 06:04:35am
Black Panther/T'Challa as ESI on 2018-06-17 05:51:10am
Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz as ESI on 2018-06-17 05:41:42am
Rajesh Koothrappali as SEI on 2018-06-17 05:41:12am
Gaston as SEE on 2019-06-08 09:30:17am
Misa Amane as ESE on 2018-06-15 03:21:10pm
Captain America/Steve Rogers as ESI on 2018-06-15 11:40:01am
James Potter as SEE on 2018-06-15 11:39:10am
Mufasa as ESI on 2018-06-15 11:37:53am
Maul as SLI on 2018-07-11 01:34:12pm
LVNA as EII on 2019-10-30 11:47:52am
Belle as IEI on 2018-06-13 09:41:00am
Peter Parker "Spider-Man" as SLI on 2018-07-18 11:15:07am
basil of baker street as ILE on 2018-06-12 10:12:23am
Morpheus as EIE on 2018-06-12 09:35:08am
Neo as LII on 2018-06-12 09:34:17am
The Architect as LSI on 2018-06-24 01:42:58am
Daffy Duck as ILI on 2018-07-27 06:55:19am
strawberry crisis as LIE on 2018-07-10 04:43:53am
Hillary Clinton as ESI on 2018-11-04 11:47:46am
Mello as SLE on 2018-06-23 04:49:22am
L Lawliet as LII on 2018-06-09 09:55:28am
Ronald Reagan as ESE on 2018-06-08 06:40:29am
Magneto as LSI on 2018-06-06 07:00:34am
Hank Schrader as LSE on 2018-06-06 06:59:30am
Skyler White as ESI on 2018-06-06 06:58:39am
Walter White as LIE on 2018-08-28 14:11:40pm
Tywin Lannister as LSI on 2018-06-06 01:40:08am
Daenerys Targaryen as SEE on 2018-07-11 11:47:09am
Edmund Burke as LSE on 2018-06-04 11:35:58am
hearts as ESE on 2018-06-03 02:49:50pm
Tyrion Lannister as ILE on 2018-06-03 02:17:45am
Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish as LIE on 2018-06-03 02:16:41am
Varys as LII on 2018-06-03 02:16:33am
George Orwell as LIE on 2018-07-17 07:43:09am
Max Weber as ILI on 2018-11-30 16:16:19pm
Emile Durkheim as LII on 2018-11-07 14:35:47pm
C.S Lewis as ESI on 2018-05-30 01:29:26pm
Jean d'Ormesson as ESE on 2018-05-30 04:51:57am
futoshi (214) as SEI on 2018-05-30 04:04:15am
Zorome (666) as SEE on 2018-05-30 04:03:24am
Ikuno (196) as SLI on 2018-05-30 04:01:14am
kokoro (556) as EII on 2018-07-12 04:14:16pm
Miku(390) as SEE on 2018-05-30 04:00:02am
goro (056) as EII on 2018-06-28 05:49:59pm
ichigo (015) as ESI on 2018-05-30 03:57:40am
Hiro (016) as IEI on 2018-07-05 01:06:41pm
02 as SEE on 2018-05-30 03:56:04am
dr franxx as LII on 2018-05-30 03:54:56am
Hayao Miyazaki as ILI on 2018-07-18 12:54:39pm
Søren Kierkegaard as IEI on 2018-06-21 11:19:06am
Starfire as ESE on 2018-05-26 04:33:18am
Raven as ILI on 2018-05-26 04:31:52am
Charles Maurras as LSI on 2018-09-23 02:40:18am
Léon Blum as ILE on 2018-05-26 04:30:14am
Georges Clémenceau as SLE on 2018-05-26 04:28:49am
Maurice Barrès as IEI on 2018-08-12 04:06:42am
Jean Jaurès as EIE on 2018-05-26 04:28:12am
Franklin Delano Roosevelt as SEE on 2018-07-15 03:23:06pm
Paul Krugman as LSI on 2018-05-23 09:05:12am
Jacques Attali as LII on 2019-05-21 02:50:43am
John Maynard Keynes as ILE on 2018-08-31 06:13:38am
Friedrich Hayek as LII on 2018-05-23 09:00:29am
Friedrich Nietzsche as EIE on 2019-01-15 19:50:29pm
mstr-k as ILE on 2018-05-20 04:56:58pm
Immanuel Kant as LII on 2018-05-20 04:55:38pm
Thomas Hobbes as LSI on 2018-05-20 04:42:46pm
René Descartes as LII on 2018-05-20 04:41:37pm
Boa Hancock as ESI on 2018-05-20 04:39:55pm
Vinsmoke Sanji as ESI on 2018-05-20 02:02:44pm
Donquixote Doflamingo as EIE on 2018-05-20 02:00:33pm
Franky as ILE on 2018-05-20 02:00:13pm
Usopp as ILE on 2018-05-20 01:59:32pm
Roronoa Zoro as ESI on 2018-06-22 01:54:08pm
Cersei Lannister as SLE on 2018-06-06 01:38:26am
Jaime Lannister as SEE on 2018-05-20 02:09:28am
Sasori as LSI on 2018-07-11 11:20:33am
Obito Uchiha as EIE on 2018-05-20 01:56:23am
Naruto Uzumaki as SEE on 2018-05-20 01:55:44am
Shan Yu as SLE on 2018-05-20 01:51:43am
Theon Greyjoy as SEE on 2018-05-19 02:02:40pm
Emperor Palpatine as EIE on 2019-02-22 16:33:54pm
Kylo Ren as IEI on 2018-08-03 20:12:52pm
Supreme Leader Snoke as SLE on 2018-05-19 01:27:59pm
Finn as SEI on 2018-05-19 01:27:41pm
Rey as ESI on 2018-05-19 01:27:28pm
Rubeus Hagrid as SEI on 2018-05-19 07:01:12am
Neville Longbottom as ESI on 2018-05-19 07:00:48am
Bellatrix Lestrange as SEE on 2018-05-19 06:59:42am
Hermione Granger as LSE on 2018-05-19 06:58:54am
Ron Weasley as SEI on 2019-03-25 11:59:24am
Boromir as SLE on 2018-05-19 06:58:24am
Gandalf as LII on 2018-05-19 06:57:55am
Harry Potter as EII on 2018-06-23 04:37:39am
Ginny Weasley as SLE on 2018-05-19 06:54:54am
Sirius Black as ILE on 2018-05-19 06:53:45am
James Madison as ILI on 2018-05-19 05:48:01am
Theodore Roosevelt as SLE on 2019-07-07 20:18:53pm
Benjamin Franklin as LSE on 2018-05-19 05:46:01am
George H.W. Bush as LSE on 2018-05-19 05:45:47am
Alexander Hamilton as LIE on 2018-05-19 05:45:08am
Vladimir Putin as LSI on 2018-06-04 04:12:00pm
Vladimir Lenin as SLE on 2018-05-19 05:43:57am
ratigan as SLE on 2018-05-19 05:33:13am
Shinji Ikari as SLI on 2018-07-19 04:26:55am
Asuka Langley Sohryu as SLE on 2018-05-19 05:20:30am
Misato Katsuragi as SEE on 2018-05-19 05:20:18am
Kaworu Nagisa as ESE on 2018-05-19 05:19:39am
Gendo Ikari as LSI on 2018-05-19 05:19:08am
Luna Lovegood as ILI on 2019-05-25 08:13:19am
Anakin Skywalker as SEE on 2018-05-19 02:11:55am
Anna as ESE on 2018-06-12 10:09:16am
Fa Mulan as ESI on 2018-05-19 02:09:52am
Eric Cartman as SLE on 2018-06-13 10:23:39am
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel as LII on 2018-05-18 12:01:22pm
Edmund Husserl as SLI on 2018-05-18 11:58:08am
*~snow~* as IEI on 2018-06-12 07:21:08am
Silk Spectre as SEI on 2018-06-21 02:25:11pm
Nite Owl as LII on 2018-05-18 10:18:20am
Jean Luc Mélenchon as SLE on 2018-05-18 08:20:37am
Valéry Giscard d'Estaing as IEE on 2018-05-18 08:01:15am
Nicolas Sarkozy as SEE on 2018-07-14 04:37:39pm
Jaques Chirac as SEI on 2018-07-12 12:56:58pm
John Adams as SLE on 2018-06-30 10:36:19am
Woodrow Wilson as ILE on 2018-09-07 03:16:52am
Davos Seaworth as ESI on 2018-07-09 06:06:04am
Brienne of Tarth as ESI on 2018-07-12 11:40:32am
Stannis Baratheon as LSI on 2018-05-18 03:22:01am
Thor as SEE on 2018-05-18 03:20:46am
Spider-Man/Peter Parker as ESE on 2019-04-21 12:51:04pm
Emma Swan as SLI on 2018-05-18 03:18:53am
Regina as SEE on 2018-06-05 05:16:40pm
Rumplestiltskin/Mr Gold as SLE on 2018-06-06 02:45:04am
Varrick as LIE on 2018-07-06 05:22:45am
Zaheer as IEI on 2018-06-29 03:31:56pm
Napoleon Bonaparte as SLE on 2018-05-18 02:34:57am
François Hollande as SEI on 2018-06-23 04:52:46am
Tomoya Okazaki as SLI on 2018-07-05 03:06:09pm
Eddard "Ned" Stark as ESI on 2018-05-17 06:09:47pm
Lelouch Lamperouge as EIE on 2019-05-26 12:50:52pm
Oxytocin as SEI on 2018-06-14 01:37:10am
Tiger as SEE on 2018-06-06 03:08:34pm
Brainer as SLI on 2018-06-12 07:19:29am
Iroh as ESE on 2018-05-17 12:21:03pm
Piccolo as LSI on 2018-05-17 12:19:53pm
Rei Ayanami as LII on 2018-06-29 05:40:10pm
Ryuko Matoi as ESI on 2018-05-17 10:11:35am
Josef Stalin as LSI on 2018-05-17 10:07:07am
Lottie Baskerville as SLE on 2018-07-11 08:49:09am
Nyx as ILI on 2018-05-17 03:48:08am
Khel as ILI on 2019-05-29 05:13:43am
George Washington as ESI on 2019-03-25 04:58:21am
Sandor "The Hound" Clegane as SLI on 2018-05-16 03:06:03pm
mike ike as EIE on 2018-09-15 11:41:10am
Count Dooku as EIE on 2018-07-12 06:36:05am
Dr Manhattan as ILI on 2018-05-18 10:19:29am
The Comedian as SEE on 2018-05-15 03:08:39pm
Ozymandias as EIE on 2018-06-22 01:53:08pm
Light Yagami as LSI on 2018-05-15 03:04:17pm
Light Yagami as EIE on 2018-07-10 06:13:11pm
Scar as EIE on 2018-06-06 07:21:46am
Taylor Swift as LIE on 2018-05-14 04:19:09pm
Alain Duhamel as LSE on 2018-07-28 04:55:19am
Dracule Mihawk as SLI on 2018-05-14 03:58:02pm
François Mitterrand as IEI on 2018-07-29 02:34:08pm
Georges Pompidou as LSI on 2019-05-08 08:06:55am
Charles De Gaulle as LSI on 2018-07-15 02:33:46pm
Emmanuel Macron as LIE on 2018-05-14 03:51:47pm
Plato as LII on 2018-05-14 03:48:50pm
Léo Strauss as LII on 2018-05-14 03:48:35pm
Karl Marx as SLE on 2018-07-04 12:08:30pm
Voltaire as ESE on 2018-07-17 11:33:55am
Rorschach as LSI on 2018-05-14 03:46:21pm
Éric Zemmour as LSI on 2018-05-14 02:16:16pm
scotty as ILI on 2018-07-12 04:24:10pm